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Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) is one of Develop Africa's Partner in Cameroon.  Below is an interview with Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku – Founder and Executive Director of CAPEC   Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was the original interest in th...

Eat all of your veggies because there are people in Africa who are starving. I doubt I am the only one who heard that (or some other variation) as a child growing up in America. I think statements like that do little more than help solidify stereotypes about Africa and starvation. It is not as if th...

Although African nations do not have nearly as many factories, cars and farms as more industrially developed nations like the US and China, climate change impacts Africa potentially more than any other continent on Earth. In fact, according to the Conservation Institute, Africa's Sahara De...

Scientists are busy working on solutions to large problems that need to be solved for the benefit of nations around the world. In the meantime, there are many equally important, small-scale problems facing the people and villages of many small countries, including Africa. One such problem is the ...

Government policies in Sierra Leone that exclude pregnant girls from attending school are short-sighted. Supporters of these policies do not seem to recognize the long-term effects of their decisions on the economy and society as a whole – an education could potentially help these young mothers be...

Technology has transcended poverty, race and economic conditions to become a driving force in the lives of people across the world. More people around the world now have access to the internet and mobile phones. As technology increases, the socioeconomic effects will improve the lives of impoverishe...

With the prevalence of mobile technology, the education sector has been revolutionized by offering students and educators alike more readily available resources. Additionally, interactive learning materials, and other effective ways to collaborate with each other even when they are away from the cla...

Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa, faces several challenges. You may have heard of a few of these challenges, like the aftermath of the horrific Ebola epidemic. Maybe you have heard about the children soldiers who wield guns bigger than themselves. But there is another epidemic facing Sierra Le...

We often hear of the deprivation and starvation in Africa, but did you know that Africa has the potential to be a major supplier of agricultural goods? Africa has the capability to feed its citizens, and more. Unfortunately, too many African countries lack the leadership necessary to make that happe...

Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology yesterday stated that about 50% to 60% of girls that are currently pregnant are those who do not want to be in the school system. According to Brima Michael Turay, the teenage girls have no business being pregnant if th...