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Recently I saw an article shared by someone on Facebook about the Mall of Africa— the 1.4 million square foot mall that opened last month in Waterfall City, South Africa. Construction began in this conveniently located suburb of Johannesburg in 2012, and the final cost to completion came in at aro...

There are too many boys in the boardroom, and it’s not good for business. Results of a comprehensive study done by the Peterson Institute reveal a strong association between higher profitability and a higher percentage of women in C-level positions, such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial...

Although African nations do not have nearly as many factories, cars and farms as more industrially developed nations like the US and China, climate change impacts Africa potentially more than any other continent on Earth. In fact, according to the Conservation Institute, Africa's Sahara De...

Seventy-five percent of Sierra Leone citizens are employed by agriculture, and this sector accounted for nearly half of the country’s GDP according to a 2012 report published by the International Food Policy Research Institute (Johnson, Johnson, Kandeh, Jalloh & Thomas, 2012). This statistic i...

In Nigeria, a traditional trade that has existed in one form or another for at least a millennium is now threatened with the prospect of collapse. In April 2015, the Nigerian government lifted an import ban on foreign textiles that had been in place since 2010.[1] This ban had been intended to pr...

Investing in Girls - Why Supporting Girls in Africa Makes Sense   Many charitable institutions offer ways to donate money to individuals living in poverty in Africa, and DevelopAfrica is no exception.  This organization offers many ways in which you can donate, volunteer, and fundrai...

“Women aged fifteen through forty-four are more likely to be maimed or die from male violence than from cancer, malaria, traffic accidents, and war combined.(1)”   There is plenty to worry about going into the work day. Will I be on time? Am I prepared for the 10 a.m. meeting? Were t...

  Among the myriad reasons women struggle to start their own businesses in the developing world, access to credit is arguably the most pervasive. Unlike their male peers, women face unique challenges from institutions and from the inherent nature of owning a business as a female.   ...

A recent article made a convincing case for the usefulness that microfinance might offer in West Africa. Travel restrictions and program freezes put much local investment on hold during the Ebola outbreak but not that things are calming back down, there is need for investment; both for routine infra...

What is the best model for giving aid to Africa? Is it the form of lending a small sum to a basket weaver in a remote village to turn her vocation into a flourishing business? Or, is it a large donation to help build a company with potential to expand and create dozens of jobs? The answer is both. ...