Traveling is possibly one of the best experiences that you could give yourself in this lifetime. Exploring the world, one country at a time, enables you, the traveler, to gain not only new insights into the world beyond the comforts of your neighborhood, but also meaningful life experi...

The sub-Saharan region of Africa has more undernourished citizens than any other geographic region in the world, with 60 million extremely malnourished people facing the threat of famine. The question is, why? War, conflict and political volatility have certainly plagued these countries, but agri...

Recently I saw an article shared by someone on Facebook about the Mall of Africa— the 1.4 million square foot mall that opened last month in Waterfall City, South Africa. Construction began in this conveniently located suburb of Johannesburg in 2012, and the final cost to completion came in at aro...

Although African nations do not have nearly as many factories, cars and farms as more industrially developed nations like the US and China, climate change impacts Africa potentially more than any other continent on Earth. In fact, according to the Conservation Institute, Africa's Sahara De...

Living in a fast-food-filled Western society, diabetes isn’t necessarily a condition that one would immediately correlate with African nations. Surprisingly, diabetes is “on the rise everywhere and now most common in developing countries” according to Dr. Margaret Chan of the World H...

When some first picture Africa, they tend to think of a continent plagued with poverty and corruption, or a barren wasteland filled with starving citizens. Much of western media coverage surrounding Africa tends to focus on negative attributes or problems. Despite the existence of modern life a...

We are all searching for something. Some of us spend countless hours working for a company, only to never be recognized as more than just another worker. Others of us continue to go through our day to day routine hoping that eventually something will change that will give our life a new found pur...

If you live in a country where going to school and getting an education is a normal, expected part of life, you are considered fortunate. Each year, in Africa, about 42 million school-aged children don’t have the opportunity to receive an education. Two-thirds of these children who don’t get the...

Imagine, for a moment, living in a country where malaria was prevalent, and let yourself experience how it would feel to watch your child suffer and die from this preventable disease. It’s scary and upsetting, isn’t it?   This is a tragedy faced every day by families living in parts ...

It’s universal. A human being must do things he enjoys to be happy. I enjoy reading and make time for it every day. Today I read articles about some of the richest people on earth. Some of them find happiness in using their good fortune to help others. Three of the billionaires I read about hav...