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Update from Frederick to his Sponsor

This Child Sponsorship Update gives you a look into the relationship / communication between children and their sponsors.  This is actual communication exchanged between a child and his / her sponsor. Watch the video from Frederick to his sponsor.   In Frederick's letter to his sponsor he says:  "I am happy to write you this letter.  I am now in S.S.S.1 Science and attending a new school and it is called Providence International High School.  I have sat to the B.E.C.E and passed with flying colours and with an aggregate sixteen (16).  I just want to say thank you for your support and Happy New Year to you. And I hope to hear from you soon" Frederick's sponsor is making a difference in his life, click here to learn more about our child sponsorship program.
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Mabinty & Aisha Love Their New Glasses

Thanks to your support we successfully raised $350. Aisha and Mabinty now have reading glasses.  Both girls are so grateful to the donors that covered the cost of their eye exams and glasses.  They say that they enjoy going to school more - thanks to their new glasses; now they can see the blackboard clearly without squinting or straining their eyes.   Aisha just finished class 7 and hopes to be a Doctor when she grows up.  Mabinty just completed JSS1 (Junior Secondary School) and is working toward becoming an Accountant when she grows up.    They each extend their gratitude to you for helping them see better, which is enabling them to learn better and keep their dream alive.  We would love to have you support their on-going care and education by signing up for a recurring donation.  This is the best way to maximize your impact. This week, when you start a new monthly recurring donation towards this GlobalGiving project, an anonymous donor will match your initial donation 100%. Thanks so much for your support!
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Thanks For Helping to Provide On-Going Education

Thank you for your continued support to help optimize educational opportunities in Cameroon for the students at the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in Nkolfoulou, Cameroon (BLIS).  Your donations have helped purchase school supplies, provide scholarships and cover expenses at the BLIS School.  

The students at the BLIS recently celebrated National Day. Photos included in this report show their parade in honor of National Day. 

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Mon, 06/05/2017
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The Sisters are Doing Well in School

Thank you so much for helping to provide scholarships for three sisters who became orphans during the Ebola crisis. Thanks to your support, Fatmata, Hannah, and Flourence have received some of the funding they need to pay for their tuition, books, school supplies and related school expenses this year. We are so very grateful for your support that is getting these sisters closer to their dream jobs as adults. This month, they celebrated their 2nd anniversary at the Dream Home. The have been enjoying a 2 week or so break from school - in between semesters.  Fatmata, a future doctor, will be completing JSS2 (Junior Secondary School)  this spring. Flourence, a future minister, will be completing class 3 this spring. Hannah, a future banker, will be completing class 4 this spring.  The girls are all doing well in school and are looking forward to summer break. We welcome your support in providing full support for several other student scholarships and other projects that you can see when you click or tap on the following link for Develop Africa. Let's together make the education dreams of each of these students come true! There is truly no better gift that you could give.
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2 Of The 16 Students Tested Positive For Malaria!

Thanks in part to your donations, we have proactively started testing children in Wellington, Sierra Leone for Malaria.  Sixteen tests were provided by your contributions. Two of the 16 students tested positive for malaria!  We caught the illness at the very early stage.  Thankfully, we were able to treat them right away, preventing the full onset of malaria and illness.  This proactive action and instant remedy were possible because of YOUR support. With your on-going support, many more lives will be saved - by doing the simple malaria test and then immediately treating the children who test positive.  About a year ago, we lost two children to malaria and we want to ensure that doesn't happen again - because of a lack of life-saving medicine.    Our lofty goal is to ensure malaria tests and medication is available freely to all kids that need this. Please help us make this a reality. Join us in saving lives through life-saving testing and treatment.
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You are Helping Sorie Obtain A Teaching Degree

YOUR support helped Sorie further his education - giving him a new start and opportunity in life. Sorie lives in a small village called Kamawoni. He wanted to continue his education by going to a teacher's college. He tells us a little about himself and expresses his gratitude below. "My name is Sorie. I live at Kamawoni village. Kamakwe town.  I am a school teacher, teaching at the Kamawoni village school.  I am an orphan. My mother and father died when I was at a tender age.  I come from an extended family with four siblings that look up to me for support.  I shall be going to the Teachers college this academic year.  Thank you for your support."  Read more in his letter - in his own writing... Thanks for being a part of helping Sorie, a deserving future leader!  Together we are building a new breed of quality leaders. We deeply appreciate your on-going support!
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We are Boosting Learning Through School Supplies

Thanks in part to your support the kids in school have new school supplies. These much-needed supplies were received with great appreciation.  We are working in close partnership with the Henry Bennah Kingsville School to improve available resources and help raise the standard of education. We have been able to collect over 2 drums of school supplies towards this project and plan to ship these supplies out in the next month. Our goal is to provide each of these budding leaders with all the resources they need to be successful. We greatly appreciate you joining us in helping these deserving children!  You can continue to support their school book and supply needs through our Educate Future Leaders in Liberia Project.
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Thank you for helping Mabinty start her business

Thanks to your support this project has raised $570 since the last report. Through this support, we have expanded our provision of microfinance loans to additional deserving women like Mabinty.   Mabinty has started her business - retailing assorted provisions/groceries.  She plans to use the proceeds to cover transportation, buy school supplies etc. In this linked video,  Mabinty says thank you for her microfinance loan. YOUR support has helped Mabinty look forward to a better future for herself and her family.  We deeply appreciate your support. We welcome your on-going support in providing full support for other microfinance loans and other projects that you can see when you click or tap on the following link for Develop Africa.
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Scholarships Making School Possible for Students in Liberia

Many families in Liberia do not have the ability to ensure that their children receive a quality education.  Thanks to your support we are making a difference.  The $40 that you donated was helped provide a scholarship for a deserving child at the Henry Bennah Kingsville School. Our commitment to helping underprivileged children get a decent education is stronger than ever.  A sound education will transform their lives and provide opportunities for growth, and contribution to national development. By upgrading the quality of education offered in schools, we will be helping to transform communities and the entire nation. We welcome your support in providing full support for several other student scholarships at the following link for Develop Africa. Let's together make the education dreams of each of these students come true! There is truly no better gift that you could give!
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Winifred is Working on her Tailoring Skills - Thanks to YOU

hanks to your generous support, the Tailoring School has had a significant impact in the Wellington community. A number of the youths and school dropouts have learned how to sew.  Your support is making this possible.  There are 10 trainees currently. One of the current students is Winifred. Winifred is married with a child. Her husband Amadu is a bricklayer/construction worker and the main provider of the home. They lived in a single bedroom apartment with electricity but no running water. Winifred decided to learn to tailor so that she will help support her family. She has learned how to sew skirts blouses and other dress designs. Now Winifred is able to sew all the clothes her family needs.  She is hoping that on completion of her training a start-up kit will be given to her. She wants to use the skills she had acquired to open her own tailoring shop. Going forward, our goal is to provide each of the trainees with a toolkit (sewing machine and some basic equipment/supplies (such as a coal iron, pair of scissors, needles, tape measure, table etc.). The trainees and teachers have expressly communicated that this is an urgent need. This certainly makes sense, as the graduating trainees need equipment assistance to start their own businesses. Thanks so much for your support. We welcome your continued support to provide toolkits and on-going tailoring classes for the next set of trainees.
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