Child Sponsorship

Can I request additional photos or information about a child I am considering sponsoring?

If you are considering sponsoring or have begun within the last 90 days, all available information about a child is located on our sponsorship Web site. General information and recent photos can be found there. We are happy to accommodate requests for updated photos or additional information about a child after a sponsor has been supporting a child for a period of three months or longer. 

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I prefer to donate annually? How can I do this?

We welcome your annual child sponsorship donation.  Thanks for your support!  Here are a few options on how you can do this.

A: You can simply mail us a check annually.  Please fill out this form and mail this to us at the address at the bottom of the form.


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Can I be a sponsor even though I am not living in US ? What countries are sponsors living in?

Yes - you can sponsor a child from any country.  We have child sponsors for several countries worldwide - outside the USA - including Australia, England, Canada, Armenia and Belgium.  We also have people like you donating monthly from additional countries including Croatia and Cyprus.  So - as you see - we receive support from like-minded people located worldwide.

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Do You Have Any Suggestions on What To Include in a Letter to My Sponsored Child? Any Writing Tips?

Definitely - See a blog post by one of our volunteers,.  It covers writing basics, what to ask, what to tell etc.


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Can I Get More Photos of The Child Before Starting Sponsorship?

Yes, you can get more photos of the child before you sponsor him / her.  It would take us a few days to three weeks to get them taken and uploaded to the child's profile or emailed to you.  The time depends on the child's location and the schedule of the local coordinator.  We also do not want to waste our time doing so - if you have not decided for sure to sponsor the child. 

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Can I Make My Sponsorship Donation For Several Months in Advance or on a Monthly Basis?

Typically donations are set up on a recurring schedule using a bank / visa card, PayPal etc.  This automatically makes the donation on the same day each month - for instance on the 10th or 30th etc.  If you prefer to make the donation yourself each month, you can also do this.  Checks are also welcome.

You can also pay for a period of time in advance such as 3 months or even a year or more.  We encourage this whenever possible.

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The Donations That I am Making are Not Showing Up Under My Account. Could You Explain Why?

Your donations are currently not tied to this system.  We are considering entering them here but it would take a lot of manual data entry - hundreds each month. An added expense with no direct benefit.  We could add them here - but no definite decision at this point.  If you particularly want yours added, we can do so and add them here.  Just let us know. 

We can send also you a statement anytime you want - simple request one.  We will send one out in January showing all donations made in the previous year.

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Child Sponsorship - Can You Choose a Child For Me - A Child That is Most Needy?

Yes we can and will be happy to select a child for you / assign a child to you.  Simply fill out our Contact Us form and we will respond in 1-2 business days.

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What's The Ratio of Sponsors to Child? Does More Than One Sponsor Donate to One Child?

We typically obtain 2 sponsors for each child, for the following reasons:

1.  Provides more funds to the family
2. Acts as insurance to ensure on-going support / stability. 

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How Are My Child Sponsorship Donations Distributed? Do All Funds Go To The Families or Do Some Funds Go Towards Community Projects?

- The majority of donated funds go to the family to cover the child's schooling, health and related costs.  The primary focus is the child and the family.

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