Even today fewer opportunities and options are provided to girls/women in Sierra Leone.  While this is a global issue, the impact of this is crippling to the destinies of girls in Sierra Leone.  Imagine having to drop out of school so your brother can continue. Imagine not getting all the supplies that you need to be successful in school.  We could go on and on ...and on.

You can also imagine the questions that run through the minds of the girls. You can also almost hear their silent cries for help and for a chance to further their education.

Your generous support is a true answer to their prayer. Because of your giving, hundreds of girls are receiving the support that they need to advance their education.  

You have most recently helped us provide scholarships to Agnes and Nchunmalen. Agnes is in class six or sixth grade and she is working hard to become a banker when she grows up. Nchunmalen is in class six and is working toward her goal of becoming a nurse. We are so excited to be part of helping them fulfill their dreams. 

Your one-time gift and on-going support will help other girls like Agnes and Nchunmalen move towards reaching their full potential.

Thank you for being an answer to their silent prayer and cry for help.This means much more to them than you would ever realize. 

There are still many more girls that are not able to continue their schooling?  Will you be the answer to their cry for help today?   

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