Did you know that according to a 2016 World Health Organization (WHO) report, in 2016, 3 in 10 Sierra Leoneans were infected with Malaria. "Sierra Leone remains one of the worst affected by the disease" and the disease remains "serious public health threat".

Thankfully, "Sierra Leone made significant progress in malaria control, registering over 86 percent decline in deaths due to malaria between 2010 and 2015", the report finds. The government of Sierra Leone continues to recommend the distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets, which are considered by the world health body as "among the most effective and proven means of preventing malaria".

Anders Nordström, the WHO Country Representative, recommends that these "interventions should be accelerated “to ‘tap’ malaria.""
In line with the WHO and the government of Sierra Leone recommendation, your support is continuing to help us provide mosquito nets to more families and children. Because of your support, they are now protected from mosquito bites while they sleep. Below are some of the families and children that have recently received bed nets from the generous donors on GlobalGiving.

Baba is a young boy living alone at the moment - with his mother presently hospitalized at the Lumley Health Center with malaria. Because of this we deemed it necessary to supply him with mosquito tent - so that he will not be affected with malaria as well. He was excited to receive the tent and sends gratitude to Develop Africa.

Tigidankay is a 26-year lady living with her four-year-old son at the Kroo Town Road Community. This community is known as a dumping site of rubbish and waste and this had been affecting both mother and son. She was very happy that a net was given to her.  She is very thankful to the GlobalGiving donations that provided it for her and her son.

Bed nets were also distributed at the Freetown Secondary School for Girls border home (residential home at the school site). Nine girls benefited from this donation and they were very excited and thankful.

'Bed nets have been one of the most important tools in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases.  To date, mosquito control methods such as insecticide-treated bed nets and indoor spraying of insecticides in homes have been the driving force behind falling infection rates, specifically in efforts to control malaria. These nets are credited with nearly 70% of malaria cases prevented since 2000. " - Bill Gates (full article linked )

We welcome your continued support.  We will continue providing bed nets until 100% of the children in Sierra Leone sleep under a protective bed net.  We want to change the statistics and prevent Malaria, which will save thousands of lives, mostly young children, each year.

Thanks for joining us in this most important mission - keeping lives safe from malaria and possible death.

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