Thank you for your support in our ongoing efforts to reverse deforestation in Sierra Leone.  

Due to the extent of the problem, this is a long-term endeavor with no quick fix.  Sierra Leone is prone to environmental disasters such as flooding and landslides due in part to deforestation. A recent article states that the August 2017 flood disaster will happen again if politicians and administration allow unplanned settlements and deforestation. 

 "Every year, intense rains fall throughout Sierra Leone. In a dataset of annual precipitation by rainfall, Sierra Leone falls at number 12 globally. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) estimated that the tiny West African country received over 2,500 mm of rain from 2013 to 2017.  Deforestation presents a significant threat to regions prone to mudslides. Tree roots are often effective in anchoring soil in place, and as roots are removed, it's more likely rain will trigger deadly slides. According to the watchdog group Global Forest Watch, Sierra Leone has lost nearly 800,000 hectares of forest cover in the past decade, with loss accelerating in 2015." - National Geographic.

 As an organization, one of our goals is to continue to plant trees as a way of combating deforestation, erosions, and mudslides and also to preserve the environment. The included photos (taken this week) show the growth of the trees we planted a few months ago.  We are planning to do additional planting just before the rainy season in a few months.

Your on-going support is much appreciated as we continue to follow the steps recommended by the local Environmental Protection Agency to reverse the deforestation and better protect Sierra Leone in the future. Together we can help ensure a safer future for the next generation.

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