Thank you so much for faithfully supporting this project over the past 7 years or so.  

When this project was launched, the focus was to support and share impact stories from the computer training at the FAWE all-girls school in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Over the years, we have provided basic computer training to hundreds of girls at this school. This was possible because of YOUR faithful support.

A few years ago, we also launched a second project here on GlobalGiving with the goal of supporting the computer training of youths / young adults. In the last month, we decided to phase out this second computer project and broaden the focus of this initial project to include computer training in general. Basically, we combined the two projects. This change makes sense as the projects focused on the same theme.  Additionally, this will allow us to reduce the time spent on reporting. 

For this project, here is a summary of the changes
1.  The project title has changed.
2.  We will now include updates on other computer training - for instance, training taking place at the Creating Pathway's Centre (not just the FAWE computer lab).  

Since the last report, this project has raised $100.  Over the past 2-3 months, at the FAWE School, your funds helped to replace a faulty circuit breaker box. Your support is also helping to provide additional coaching to Ms. Conteh (the FAWE computer teacher). She is receiving on-going training from Johanese at the Creating Pathways Centre. You can see a clip of her and the kids in this video.

At the Creating Pathways Centre, your donations also helped purchase an anti-virus program to ensure the computers were safe from virus attacks that could disrupt training.   

We were also thrilled to host Alix Halloran, the GlobalGiving Field Traveler in Sierra Leone, on March 22. GlobalGiving sends representatives to visit project partners so they can observe how funds are being used to benefit local communities. This helps GlobalGiving ensure high-quality projects. Alix visited the computer lab at the FAWE School and several of our other projects.

In Alix's post-visit report, she provided the following feedback:

"Develop Africa's projects are creating lasting change in the lives of so many children and young women. They are passionate about making an impact in their communities." 

We are super-excited to be partnering with GlobalGiving.  Your support as a donor is helping us make a definite impact.

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