Develop Africa  E-Newsletter - December 2011

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» Looking Back and Looking Ahead
» 150 Children and Youths Benefit From School Supplies


Meet Bintu - a Tailoring Trainee

» Progress Update - Door of Hope Tailoring Institute
» Meet Aisha - Child Waiting for a Sponsor
» Vision 2012 - How You Can Help



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Warm greetings.  Hope you are doing well.   

Looking Back at 2011- Its been an amazing year and we have been able to effect change in many, many lives.  Thanks to your support we have helped unleash human potential, bring relief and smiles to many families.

Looking Ahead at 2012: As we look forward, opportunities abound to create a brighter and perfect day for so many children, youths and adults. We look forward to reaching so many more lives, with your support

With gratitude and the best of wishes for an exceptional, new year ahead where you find significance.

-The Develop Africa  Team

150 Children and Youths Benefit From School Supplies
Its always heart-warming to invest in the education of the future leaders. Together we had the opportunity to provide school supplies to the children and youths at the Christians n Action Church in Sierra Leone - for their Student Recognition Sunday.  

Girl reciving her school supplies

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Below is the text from a scanned letter that we received from the Education Department of the Central Christians in Action Church.

Goal: To reach out to our students by extending our love and care for them and their educational pursuits in more practical ways.

We focused on the theme: Pursuing Wisdom and Excellence for a Brighter Tomorrow (Proverbs 4:18)

To achieve our goal we raised funds and resources, the bulk of which was from your generous giving.  150 children and youths benefited from these resources and we awarded scholarships to 8 students to help them with their tuition and uniforms.

We seize this opportunity to say thank you for impacting our children.  Your gracious giving sends the message to them that you care so much for humanity.  We deeply appreciate you

Education Department Representative

Meet Bintu - a Tailoring Trainee

Bintu S. lives with her parents, three brothers and three sisters in a single bedroom apartment zinc sheet house with no running water and electricity.  Her father is a construction worker and the main provider of the home with monthly income of $40 - not enough to cover the basic needs of the home.  Her mother is a house wife.

Bintu had been unschooled as her parents could not afford to pay fees for Bintu to go to school.  Thanks to your support, she is now receiving tailoring training along with the other students.

Bintu - tailoring trainee
Progress Update - Door of Hope Tailoring Institute

Over the course of this year we have together helped to support the Door of Hope Tailoring Institute.  The Institute empowers teenage girls that have dropped out from school or did not have the opportunity to go to school, helping pregnant women and mothers to be self reliant.  They have the opportunity to learn tailoring and on completion to launch their own business. 

Thanks in part to your support, tremendous progress has been made over the past year as follows:

  • Lessons have been ongoing and a lot has been learnt by the 23 current students.
  • The ladies can now sew some styles for themselves and their children due to the knowledge they have acquired
  • A building project was started to host the tailoring institute.

Ladies at tailoring department

Looking Ahead: As we look forward to 2012, here are the opportunities that we face:

  • The school is in dire need of classroom space as classes have been held outdoors and in inclement weather at the house of the Director. The building project is yet to be completed due to lack of funds
  • The institute currently has 7 sewing machines available for use and not all students can use the machines simultaneously

We are very grateful for progress over 2011, despite the limitations.  As we plan towards 2012, could you make a special, one-time, year-end (or beginning of the year) donation to ensure these opportunities are quickly addressed?  This would help us so much in making these ladies self-reliant.  By helping them become self sufficient we will be unleashing the great potential of girls, which is critical for economies and societies.

Meet Aisha - Child Waiting for a Sponsor

Aisha's father is a photographer in the Gambia and her mother is a housemaid in Guinea Bissau. Aisha was born to them when they were both very young and unmarried. The mother has since married someone else and lives in Guinea Bissau. Aisha's father has been taking care of her since she was a small child with occasional help from family members. He needs continuous help as a single parent to support his daughter's education, as she is in secondary school. For now, Aisha would like to pursue her dream of being an air hostess.  Aisha

To sponsor Aisha, please go to her profile and click on Sponsor This Child

For more information about this program see our Frequently Asked Questions.

See other children who need sponsors / Sponsor a child now

Vision 2012: Creating a Brighter and Perfect Day!

Year End / Beginning of the Year Giving: Are you thinking about making an end of the year or beginning of the year donation?  We would be delighted and honored if you would consider Develop Africa.

Opportunities abound to change the direction of the destinies of many lives.  We can help create a brighter day and make the world a better place together!

Here's how we can do more together:

  • Make your best gift today!
  • Commit to donating monthly in 2012 :  This would help us significantly.  Please consider signing up for a monthly or quarterly recurring donation of $10, $25, $50 or more. 
  • Volunteer quality time:  We could use your help, no matter where you live.  Provided that you are committed to help and willing to do whatever it takes.  Some opportunities are listed here - or you tell us specifically what you can do for us.


With the best of wishes...
Sylvester Renner and The Develop Africa Team