Thank you for your continued support in providing microfinance loans. Your support recently provided Sarah with a microfinance loan enabling her to advance her retail business.

In this linked video, you can see Sarah with the food supplies that she plans to retail.  She says a big "thank you" to YOU - our donors.  Sarah says in the video:

This business will help me pay for the school fees for my kids and support my husband where his income is inadequate.  It will help me sustain myself. It will help me a lot.  Thank YOU donors - you have changed my life". 

This loan gave a new lease of life to Sarah and her family.  It opened a new door of opportunity.

Your support has helped make Sarah and others achieve their business dreams! We deeply appreciate your support. 

We welcome your on-going support in providing full support for other microfinance loans and other projects that you can see when you click or tap on the following link for Develop Africa.

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