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School Supplies Are Boosting Education in Cameroon

Many children and schools in Africa lack adequate school supplies. To help address this, Develop Africa and the US Military teamed up to provide school supplies to children and classrooms in Garoua, Cameroon. The joint goal is to reinforce learning and the quality of education. 

16 large drums of school supplies were provided to schools between September 5th and 9th, 2016.  The wide range of school supplies included pencils, pens, calculators, rulers, note books, erasers, dictionaries, reams of paper and pencil sharpeners.

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Sun, 10/02/2016
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Sylvester Renner, President, Receives the African International Achievers 2012 Award.

Sylvester Renner, the President of Develop Africa, has received the African International Achievers [AfIA] 2012 Award.  AfIA Awards are the largest Social Impact awards of, by and about Africa, highlighting the greatest Champions of Social Progress by nonprofits, socially conscious businesses, and individuals worldwide. "These Awards focus on recognizing the most impactful and compelling achievements in the grassroots of Africa." "Changing the way the world looks at Africa, Changing the way we look at ourselves, People changing the face of Africa" The AfIA awards are presented every year by African Achievers International and NAD (Nile African Development) to an individual or institution whose complete work has made an important and lasting contribution to change the lives of Africans in Africa or around the world. AfIA National and Regional Sections from the 4 regions around the world made their selections, submitting thousands of nominations/entries for the 2012 AfIA Awards and the Honourees for AfIA 2012.  Sylvester was thrilled and honored to be selected as one of the recipients.  He gratefully received this award - acknowledging the support of the team of many volunteers and staff worldwide that touch and empower lives in Africa. See a list of the 2012 honorees from the African Achievers website here Read the Award Letter (PDF format)        Text reads: African International Achiever 2012    
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Help Provide 2 notebooks to Children in Africa By Donating a Dollar - Press Release

Your donation of a dollar will provide two exercise books / notebooks. Johnson City, [Tennessee] – Develop Africa, Inc. partnered with the to provide school supplies to children in Africa. Children in Africa are in dire need of school supplies. The average classroom lacks the basic essential school supplies that make for a meaningful educational experience for kids.  Develop Africa is responding to this need and helping to provide school supplies to school children in Africa.  Your donation of a dollar will provide two exercise books / notebooks. This is a great way to support education because you will be helping to provide the vital learning tools.  These items will be used by primary school children to take notes in class.  Writing materials are essential in a system where students take notes from a blackboard mounted on a wall and many schools have limited text books.   Working in partnership with the, the public is invited to join Develop Africa in equipping the next generation with the vital learning tools that they need.  This is a simple and effective way to contribute towards the education of children in Africa and your dollar donation will make a definite difference.  Join Develop Africa in changing lives in Africa by making your donation of one or ten dollars today here - Note: To donate through the Philanthroper, a Facebook account required.  You can also make a donation directly to Develop Africa through its website – . Yes, you can make a difference.  Your $1 counts and is appreciated!   ###  
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Blog Launches Today - Your Comments Are Welcome and Writers Are Invited

Today, June 21st, after a few months of planning, we are finally launching our blog.  We hope to use this to share ideas and discuss topics related to development in Africa.  We welcome your comments and are inviting all to become blog authors - to submit articles for publishing.  You article can be published with your name or anonymously. A link to the blog is provided in the green tabs above or go directly to the blog A special thanks to the current moderators and writers who have been working hard behind the scenes. The Develop Africa Team
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You Can Now Sponsor A Specific Day of Computer Training At The FAWE Lab - Online Calendar

In connection with the FAWE Lab Project, we now have an online calendar where you can sponsor an hour. day, week, month or entire year.   See sponsorship levels   To sponsor a time period: Go to the online calendar Click on "Add Event"  Fill in the details, specify time period and submit form Then go to our donation page and make your donation to cover selected time period Your event will be reviewed and promptly approved.   See sponsorship levels   Thanks for helping to make computer training available to disadvantaged girls!
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You Can Help Us Impact The Lives of Many More Girls - - Top 10 Wins Campaign - March 1st - March 14th 2011

We are currently participating in a competition which Globalgiving UK is hosting. We would appreciate your help! What’s happening is one of our major on-going projects, “Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation,” are in the competition for up to $800 from Global Giving. As always, with your donations toward this project we provide scholarships, teaching supplies and school supplies. Remember, your $10 of £6 donation will provide ten notebooks; your $25 of £15 donation will provide a student with a book scholarship! With your help we are providing the young ladies of Sierra Leone with the means for a quality education, and, ultimately, the jobs they will need to help provide for their families. But this time you can make your dollar go a little further. The Top 10 Wins competition runs from March 1 through March 14, and you can help by giving toward our project during that time. The monetary prizes are based either on how many people give or how much money we collect during that time. We certainly appreciate your help!     About the Competition: How much can Develop Africa win? 1st place fundraiser: £500 (approximately 800 US dollars) 2nd place fundraiser: £400 3rd place fundraiser: £300 4th place fundraiser: £200 5th-10th place fundraiser: £100 each Top number of donors: additional £250 To be eligible for one of the bonus awards, our project must raise at least £500 from 25 donors (for both top fundraisers prizes and top number of donors prize)   Methods of Donating: With your debit card, credit card, or PayPal account you may donate through our project page at   Thanks for your support The Develop Africa Team        
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Handing Over of 3 Computer Labs in Cameroon - Partnership Project with HINT, Cameroon

Thanks to your support, this week in partnership with Helps INTernational (HINT) Cameroon, 3 computer labs were handed over to schools.  Develop Africa helped recruit 2 volunteers - Brandon Turner and Robert Arlt - and sent supporting funds.  Thanks for your on-going support that is making all this and more possible.  View photos Information about the computer labs Summerset Bilingual College with about 800 students and nearly 20 staff, now has access to computers to help both students and teachers alike learn better.  Read more about Summerset on HINT's page Marthlo Bilingual College with about 400 students and many staff, now has access to computers to help both students and teachers alike learn better.  Read more about Marthlo on HINT's page   Graceland International Bilingual School with about 200 children and nearly 15 staff, now has access to computers to help both children and teachers alike learn better. They also received a scanner and printer.   Read more about Marthlo on HINT's page View photos      
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A Dollar a Day: The Strongest Link features Develop Africa

Special thanks to our partner UniversalGiving, links to donate to Develop Africa's projects are featured on the "A Dollar a Day: The Strongest Link" LinkTV Page. In the documentary, A Dollar A Day: The Strongest Link, the central character is Bulewla Princess Cima, an HIV positive health worker who is six months pregnant. Bulewla, a single mother, earns enough money to support her family through her position as a community health worker with the aid organization Wola Nani.  You can watch this documentary movie online by going to  
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