The Computer Lab is Near Completion at DAETI

Great news - the new computer lab at the Develop Africa Empowerment and Training Institute is nearing completion. As you can see from the photo below, the ceiling and floor have been tiled.
Inside the computer lab

Pending Items

  • The light fittings and wall socket fixtures are incomplete.
  • The walls and ceiling need to be painted
  • Computer desks and chairs, computers, a podium, document scanner, overhead projector and printer. need to be purchased.

Children learning inside the Develop Africa Empowerment and Training Institute

Thank you so much for your support that has helped us come a mighty long way.  The end is clearly in sight!  

At this point we need an additional $12,500 to finish and launch the computer lab.  Please join us in setting up a model learning environment for these deserving children and youth - by making a donation today.

girl smiling at DAETI





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Mon, 01/06/2014
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