It's great to know that you have supported a good cause, but it is even more rewarding to hear from those that have benefited from your generous donations.  Microfinance loans give individuals a hand to get their businesses going or to help them grow their existing businesses.  Your generosity has enabled many different businesses; Mariatu is one of the people to recieve a microfinance loan.

Please check out the video of appreciation from Mariatu.  In the video she says:

"My name is Mariatu, one of the ladies that benefited from the microfinance loans. Fast foods and drinks is the business that the fund was used for. Thank you very much for your support, the loan has been very supportive to me and my son. God bless you."

You can continue to help make a difference by continuing to support microfiannce loans for individuals like Mariatu.  Thank you again for making a difference in Mariatu's and her son's life.


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