On a regular basis, we take time to look back and look forward - to see how previous microfinance beneficiaries are doing and what we can learn from them / share with others.  

In May, we spent some time visiting with Hawa.  Hawa received microfinance funds last year.  With those funds, she sold rubber / plastic products like buckets, bowls, items for babies etc. The business has thankfully grown to a point where she is now traveling to a neighboring country, Guinea, to buy stock.  
Impact: Her business is helping her provide for her family.  They have rented an apartment where they now reside. 

Change: She is currently pregnant and as a result she has limited her travel.  She now sells assorted cooking items from home.  Her business is doing well as people within the neighborhood are purchasing regularly from her.  She looks forward to re-engaging in business full-time after delivery.  

Lesson Learned - The Need for Flexibility: One important lesson here that we will share with other beneficiaries is the need to be flexible in terms of the business that we engage in.  We must be willing to adapt and pursue a different business for a brief season - as necessary 

Hawa expresses her thanks and appreciation to everyone who has made a lasting difference in her life!

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