Holstina has a special relationship with her sponsor, Keri.  They talk about things they enjoy, careers and family.  Keri sent Holstina a Christmas present 

to make sure her holiday was extra special.   You can read in Holstina's letter how much she appreciates having Keri in her life.

Holstina says:

"Thank you so much for Christmas gift and the letter you sent to me.  You made this Christmas special already. Thank you.

I am working on my self to do better in academics.  We have completed our first semester examination before Christmas break unfortunately. Our school report cards for this term will be given to us when we resume classes for second semester.

I love information about nature and sanitation. I am glad you are teaching. It is a noble profession the world can't do without.

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

Love, Holstina"


Holstina's sponsor is making a difference in her life, you too can be a hero for a child in need.   You can make a difference in a child's life too; click here to learn more about our child sponsorship program.

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