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Thanksgiving - so much to be thankful for...
Through out the world, many countries celebrate the harvest seasonharvest time, Thanksgiving  at this time of the year (September to November).  

We are especially grateful for the many friends, volunteers, supporters and workers that have helped us touch so many lives in 2013.  Several of the volunteers and workers have been acknowledged on our Facebook page.  We appreciate each and every one of you and we certainly would not be reaching so many lives without your involvement.

We are so thankful for all of you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving / Harvest Season



Thank You Song / Video - The Girls at the FAWE School


Got a minute?  We would love for you to watch this 2 minute video from the girls at the FAWE school.  The video was originally for our GlobalGiving donors - but  it fully expresses how we, as a team feel about each one of you, reading this letter.
 We would love to hear what you think about the song.  Have they got talent?  Got a message for the girls?  Send us your feedback by replying to this email - or commenting on Facebook - where the video is on our wall now.  Watch the video on youtube.



Making The Dream of Education Come True By Providing Scholarships
As you know education is an increasingly valuable and vital asset in today's progressive and competitive society.  It's no wonder then that the deserving group of children in the photos below were delighted to receive a Develop Africa scholarship award - enabling them to continue their education.
Excited group of scholarship beneficiaries



The children were excited to receive the scholarships. Together with their families, they pledged to do their best to succeed in school. 
We were touched by their enthusiasm, hope and courage.  We are indeed grateful to be part of making their dream come true - another year of education!


We have found out that the provision of educational assistance in the form of scholarships directly addresses the all-to-common situation where parents are not able to cover school fees and related costs such as uniforms. By providing financial assistance, we are helping to ensure that the children stay in school. Consistency in education is important. School-going is directly related to and a reliable contributor to a child's future success.   Read more / see photos...

Save The Date - This Tuesday December 3rd:

As a partner with GlobalGiving and Microsoft, we are soooo excited about GivingTuesday.  Here is why:

  • We will be participating in Microsoft's #GivingTuesday matching campaign
  • There will be $250,000 matching funds available from Microsoft on Tuesday
  • The campaign begins at 12:00:01 PM (noon) ET.  
  • Matching is applied at 100% for every $10 up to $1,000 per donor per project. 


On GivingTuesday, please support one of our projects on GlobalGiving  Here are links to a couple of them - 


Thanks for helping us secure some of those matching funds - which run out real quick. 
Watch out for our reminder email around Noon on Tuesday.

Thanks for reading this news update.  We tremendously value your support and involvement.  If you ever have a suggestion on how we can work together further - feel free to contact us.  
With appreciation,
Sylvester and the Develop Africa team