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> Change - The New Constant
> Featured: Agents of Change on Behalf of Children in Cameroon


50% Donation Match Opportunity - Give Forward Campaign with Microsoft and GlobalGiving

> Their Future is Going to be Bright - Thanks to Your Support
> Image Shaping - Christmas Activities at Door of Hope - Reshaping Destinies
> Vision 2013 - How You Can Help



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Change - The New Constant

compass Everywhere around us today we see and hear about change and new things happen.  Some of it never happened before; some of it is similar to what has happened in the past.  Technology has been one of the driving forces of change and we find ourselves constantly have to learn new versions of programs that we were very familiar with just 1 year ago.  Change is the new constant and we must keep abreast with it or we will be buried in the ever-shifting sands of time.  The magnetic north is shifting by 40 or so miles a year - a change that is causing major problems for navigation and migratory wildlife.

In keeping abreast with change, as the Develop Africa team we are reviewing our mission, procedures etc., refocusing our efforts to find ways that we can improve and do better.  Together as a team we want to ensure that we are not just routinely repeating what we did several years ago, but that we are responding to change and new needs.

As newsletter readers, volunteers, field workers and supporters, we would love to hear your perspective on what we need to change?  How we can better provide information to you in this newsletter?   How can we better serve you? Do you have any suggestions and feedback for us?  What should we be doing different?  What needs to be improved?  How would you like to help?  Please write us at info – at –  We would be delighted to hear from you!


Featured:  Agents of Change on Behalf of Children in Cameroon

Field Report From CAPEC Cameroon - Partner Organization
At CAPEC we seek to be agents for change on behalf of children. Change, in many forms has certainly been the by-word for year ending 2012.  CAPEC, as its beneficiaries, has witnessed many changes and development in the lives of the children we serve. Though 2012 was a very challenging year, it was extremely rewarding for CAPEC.  You all have shown phenomenal support despite a troubled economy that continues to affect us all. Your steadfast commitment has helped CAPEC remain one of the leading Children’s organizations in Cameroon. We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support.

Towards the end of the year, the school and children were involved in lots of educational programs and projects such as:
-Christmas Party
-UK/Kenya delegation visit
-Inauguration for a new classroom built by the US Embassy, Cameroon


Opportunity to Make Your Donation Go Further - 50% match -Give Forward Campaign - in partnership with Microsoft and GlobalGiving

We are excited to report that our projects are participating in the Give Forward matching campaign  The campaign will begin on April 9th and run through the 16th or until matching funds run out. Microsoft is offering a 50% match, with $100,000 in matching funds available!

Give for youth

Our current projects are available here -

It's a great opportunity to supersize your donation - making it go further.  Please join us in transforming the lives of many youth.


Their Future is Going to be Bright - Thanks to Your Support
Almost two years ago Develop Africa and Door of Hope started this institute and the impact is ever shining in the lives of the women at the Upper Beccle Street, Mellon Street and other hilly areas in the Wellington community.  The Develop Africa Empowerment Training Center is now offering training in tailoring and Gara tie-dyeing.
Training has been effective as the trainees can now sew some styles from catalog. Baby Dress Making, Straight Skirt, Trousers, fitting with round skirt, Midi with satin in front, Balloon style with six pieces skirt, including cluster draw thread Midi are still done by the new trainees.  The number of trainees has increased to twenty seven due to the introduction of the Gara-tie-dye.
Here are our goals for this year - 2013
1)  Finish construction of the building.
2)  Increase incentives given to the teachers need to be increased.
3)  Provide sewing kits for fifteen trainees that will graduate this December. This will help them start their own business

Image Shaping - Christmas Activities at Door of Hope - Reshaping Destinies

Develop Africa sponsored a Christmas event at Door of Hope for about four hundred children within the Upper Mellon Street, Upper Beccle Street and Philip Street community in the Wellington municipality. Funds provided food, drinks and also prizes to winning contestant. 
Party Learning Time
It was a time when the children were able to learn in a friendly atmosphere. Activities included a quiz competition for primary and Junior Secondary School pupils, a dancing competition and teaching sessions on "How to turn plans to tangible pictures" and "The Power of Education" The activity promoted love, unity and motivated children to be responsible and well informed to make their dreams come true.

Vision 2013:  Creating Abundance and Wholeness

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With the best of wishes...
Sylvester Renner and The Develop Africa Team