Over the years, together we have brought hope and made a difference in hundreds of lives.
Balu's story is a heart-warming example of the difference we have made together. Pregnant, she dropped out of school after the Ebola crisis. She attended a year of remedial training at the Creating Pathways Centre, thanks to a grant from GlobalGiving. Thanks to funds donated on GlobalGiving, she recently resumed school.  Balu (pictured) says a big thank you in this video.  

We made change happen together. Together we helped ensure she continues her schooling.  We advanced her rights and advanced humanity.  
Advancing the rights of girls is a key element of International Women's Day - celebrated on Wednesday March 8th. This day highlights and reminds us all of the need to do more in promoting gender equality and empowering women. Today, more than ever before, it is essential that we help girls get into quality school environments and help them to stay there.  
UNICEF research confirms that educated girls become empowered women. Education makes an undeniable difference in the outcome and future of a girl's life and that of her future family. 
"Uneducated girls are more at risk than boys to become marginalized. They are more vulnerable to exploitation.  They are more likely than educated girls to contract HIV/AIDS, which spreads twice as quickly among uneducated girls than among girls that have even some schooling. 
As unschooled adults, these girls will be less likely to have a say socially and politically and to be able to support themselves
From https://www.unicef.org/mdg/index_genderequality.htm
As we celebrate progress with Balu getting back into school, we are also aware that there is still more ground to cover. Sadly, according to UNICEF 2016 statistics, among youth 15-24 yrs in Sierra Leone, from 2009-2014, the literacy rate for males is 73% and that of girls is 56%.
This gender disparity was vividly confirmed during my last trip to Sierra Leone. I talked one-on-one to over 25 girls who specifically asked us to help them get back in school. 
Over 50 girls like Balu are on our scholarship waiting list and at risk of permanently dropping out of school. Without completing high / secondary school, their future opportunities would be limited. They would not be self-sufficient. They would not be empowered to make a difference in their families, communities and nation.
Connect With And Make a Difference in 1 Specific Life: Today, we are asking YOU to help provide a scholarship for 1 girl - helping her to finish secondary school. When you donate $100 or more, we will send you a photo of the specific girl that received the scholarship you helped provide.  You will also receive from her photo of her hand-written thank you letter. You can then optionally to continue to support this girl and ensure she is fully empowered.

Take bold action today and join us in touching the life of 1 specific girl. Empower 1 specific girl. 
Today, on International Women's day, GlobalGiving is offering a Matching Donations Opportunity. Your donation to this project today will be matched at 30%. Your gift will make even more of an impact through books, school fees, school materials, uniforms etc. - for 1 specific girl.

Thank you for joining us in educating and empowering girls in Sierra Leone!

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