Can you imagine trying to do homework or read a book with no light?  Most children in Africa have to deal with this problem every evening.  For tens of thousands of kids and youths living in Sierra Leone, power cuts are unfortunately "normal". At night, for lighting, they have no choice but to use kerosene lanterns and open-flame candles. The smoke from these light sources is hazardous to their health. The flames are also a fire hazard. Develop Africa is helping to address this by providing safe, renewable, solar-powered lights to kids and youths.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Kerosene lanterns used by kids and youths are a health hazard and cause tragic fires. The weak and flickering light damages the kids' eyesight when they are studying at night. This also causes headaches. Additionally, the smoke and soot from the open flame adversely affects their lung health. The on-going fuel costs for these lanterns deplete scarce family resources. These hazardous lanterns have caused fires that have consumed homes and resulted in many deaths.

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will provide safe, renewable lighting through solar-rechargeable lights. The kids and youths will now be able to read and study safely at night - with no risk to their health and lives. No kids should have to risk their health or lives because of having to study with dangerous lighting. Solar lights will make safe studying a reality!


Do you want to help bring light to these children?  You can help by purchasing solar lights and shipping them to Africa.   The link below is a great product you can buy and ship to us.

Or you can make a donation and put in the comments "Solar Lights" and we will purchase and ship the solar lights to Africa with your donation.​



Potential Long Term Impact

The project is an effective intervention that will provide a renewable light source to kids and youths as they study. It will save the families hundreds of dollars in fuel expense over 2-3 years. Also we will be eliminating the potential for house fires. The children will be able to study in a safe environment. This will help them excel in their school work and further their education.


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