Distribution of Relief Care Packages at Hill Station to Flood-Affected Victims

Over 700+ landslide and flood victims have been relocated to Hill Station and are now housed in tents there. We have secured office space near medical center working closely with Ministry of Health / WHO.

On Thursday, August 31st, In partnership with Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation and the Sierra Leone Medical Students Association, and thanks to YOUR support, we distributed school materials and toiletries to the kids and parents. The victims especially the kids were very excited to receive the school materials, toiletries and baby diapers; we were the first to make such donations to them since the disaster. Most of the victims requested that we also help provide additional clothing for them as they lost everything during the disaster.

We are now running 2 psycho-social counseling shifts each week day, going tent by tent. As of Monday, September 4th, we had counseled 56 victims. 6 of them were serious cases needing special attention. Some reported having hallucinations and flash backs of the flood. Others reported sleep deprivation and depression.

The beneficiaries that we distributed emergency relief supplies to expressed an eagerness to get back on their feet. They are requesting support in the form of microfinance funds to help them restart their businesses. This will help them to start a new life, get back on their feet and become self-sufficient.

Based on our previous experience providing microfinance and interviews conducted with these beneficiaries who have lost all, we are convinced that providing microfinance funds would be a great way to help them regain independence. It would definitely not be ideal for them to stay in this tent environment. The quicker they are re-integrated into society, the better.

At Kaningo, we are continuing to provide educational activities to the kids. At Kaningo, the families have requested additional help with food.

At both locations, one of the top needs is also ensuring the continuation of the education of the kids. The families have asked for support with regards to providing them with uniforms and other school materials.

Thanks to your support, we are bringing hope and encouragement - where support is limited. We certainly could not do this without you and are deeply grateful for your kind and ongoing support.

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Sat, 09/09/2017
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