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» 2012 Overview
» Featured: Night and Day: The Difference That Education Makes ... and How You Can Help


Life without an education is like a dull pencil - pointless - Exceptional Pencil Drive

» Saving Lives From The Deadliest Insects on Earth
» Beneficiaries at DA Empowerment Center Receive a Wide Range of Donated Items
» Vision 2013 - How You Can Help



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Happy new year

Countdown... 3-2-1 - cross over!  In just a couple days we will be in 2013. Or we are already if you are reading this in the new year.  Happy new year to you, your family and your loved ones!

2012 has been an amazing year of progress with highlights such as the launching of the Girls Leadership and Mentorship program, significant progress with the building construction of the DA Empowerment and Training Institute.  Our child sponsorship program expanded significantly and we provided thousands of school supplies to children.  Together we created a brighter and happier day for thousands.

Thanks so much for your support and our best wishes for an abundant 2013!
Please watch a video that provides a overview of some of our 2012 activities.  Then make your best year-end donation today!

Year in review video -2012


Featured:  Night and Day: The Difference That Education Makes ... and How You Can Help

What difference does education in the life of a girl in Africa? The difference is night and day, success and almost certain failure.  A whole lot!  Based on our research and experiences, here are a few points of note:

1.  Girls that are not educated have a higher level of prostitution, a higher rate of child labor, get married earlier and are more liable to becoming drug addicts.
2.  Girls that are literate / educated are more likely to use their stimulated minds to become entrepreneurs. 
3.  Educated girls are more likely to send their children to school and raise healthier families.

Sylvester and Christiana

Here are a few important notes about Education:

a)  Education aids countries in harnessing their natural resources - effectively changing their Gross Domestic Product (a general measure of productivity and growth).
b)  Education plays a vital role in the creation of enterprises that provides jobs for people.
c)  Education provides a springboard to employing and using technology to improve the lives of people.
d) The lack of primary education is one of the main obstacles to eradicating poverty and hunger in Africa.  This is a vital foundation and without this many lives end up destitute and frustrated - due to a lack of opportunities.
e) Education opens the doorway to information, transformation, reformation, innovation and actualization of dreams. Read More...
Christiana (pictured) is a star student in Freetown with tremendous potential.  I had the opportunity to meet her during my last trip and I came away thinking - "Here is a brilliant, talented young lady with tremendous potential - who will make an amazing difference as a leader."

Christiana is interviewed in this video on YouTube and she references education as a resource that will help her achieve her dreams of becoming a Banker.  We imagine it will do a whole lot more for her and she is full of potential.
Watch Video

Christiana video

Could you join us in this endeavor by helping to providing scholarships and computer training for Christiana and other young ladies in her community? Your donation of $30 or more a month will help provide a scholarship.  Your support is needed and important because it will help ladies like her stay in school - bringing about transformation and opened doors of opportunity. Sign up for a recurring monthly donation today

Life Without an Education is Like a Dull Pencil - Pointless - Exceptional Pencil Drive
Throughout the year many exceptional individuals and groups run school supplies and pencil drives.  We are deeply grateful to each and every one of them for their support.
Here is an email excerpt from the Pencil Project drive conducted by the Rison High School East
My name is A.C (name withheld) and my school's EAST Lab wanted to do a project that would make a difference somewhere in the world. I did some research online and found your organization. I got together a group of three students and we decided to create a project which is known as the Pencil Project. My group asked the two elementary schools within our district to donate as many pencils as they could to help send to your organization. They agreed to help. As a reward for the class for collecting the most pencils we said we'd throw them a pizza and ice cream party. My group even created flyers to help spread the word.

Mosquito Trivia and Saving Lives From The Deadliest Insects on Earth

It's mosquito trivia time and we have 2 important facts for you:
1. Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects on Earth.
That's right, more deaths are associated with mosquitoes than any other insect / animal on the planet. (source -
Bed Net Recipients
2.  Nets Reduce Deaths and Are Very Effective
Insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) are a form of personal protection that has been shown to reduce malaria illness, severe disease, and death due to malaria in endemic regions.  (source  - CDC)

The photo above shows a group of beneficiaries happily holding the nets that they received as they know that they are now free from pesky mosquitoes.  It's a joy to know we are saving lives from death!

Beneficiaries at DA Empowerment Center Receive a Wide Range of Donated Items

Photos show beneficiaries at the Door of Hope with in-kind donated item such as shirts, bags, office / school supplies etc.  Special thanks to the following companies /  organizations for these items

1) Telx
2) Clean Fun Promotional Marketing
3) Inteliquent, formerly Neutral Tandem

Items were donated through a partnership relationship that Develop Africa has with Jaymie Scotto And Associates

See photos...


t-shirts received

Vision 2013:  Creating Abundance and Wholeness

Help us Go To The Next Dimension:
You can help create abundance and wholeness.  Please join us by:

  • Make your best gift today!
  • Sign up for a recurring monthly donationThis would help us significantly - $10, $25, $50 or more. 
  • Volunteer quality time:  We could use your help, no matter where you live.  Provided that you are committed to help and willing to do whatever it takes.  Some opportunities are listed here - or you tell us specifically what you can do for us.


With the best of wishes...
Sylvester Renner and The Develop Africa Team