We are so excited that we are together helping to provide computer training to deserving young women. This sets them on course for a better future for them and their families.

We have been making improvements to the FAWE School upgrading some of the computers and programming to better assist the girls in their training.  The teacher in charge is also receiving additional training to enable her to better teach our girls.

Jeminatu is one of the students at the FAWE school that is benefitting from the computer courses. She tells us that she enjoys going to school and that she is learning a lot of things in her computer class - in this video.

 She says "It helps us a lot. I have learned many things like typing, learning new words...it is a great time"

Thank you again for making a difference in these young girls' lives!   

The computers at the lab are over 7 years old. Our goal for this year is to replace all of them. We welcome your continued support to help us make that happen. 

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