Thousands of schools in Africa do not have computers

girl using computer at FAWE lab

Unless we increase access to computers, the technology gap between Africa and developed countries will continue to widen.  The internet and other technologies have made the world an increasingly global community, facilitating the exchange of ideas, information, and skills across geographic distances.  Providing computers will help level the playing field for disadvantaged individuals in Africa and position them to better contribute to the development of their countries.


Computer Labs for Schools in Africa

This project attempts to close the technology gap by providing schools in Africa with free computer labs (15 to 25 computers each).  The project involves the following steps:

1.  Set up a computer suite / lab in each school.  The networked lab will include internet connectivity.

2.  Train teachers in the use of the computer facilities and equipment. 

3.  Provide the technological and financial support to upkeep equipment and internet connectivity.  The project will need a computer expert / teacher to provide training and on-going support to maximize the benefit of these computer labs. This will be an on-going expense.


See photos / read more about the FAWE computer lab project

   FAWE lab


In 2015, we launched a computer lab at the Creating Pathways Centre

The Creating Pathways Centre is a resource centre that focuses on providing a wide range of targeted training opportunities with the goal of empowering youths as they create pathways or take career paths into their future.  The Centre is located at 79 Campbell Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone and has several rooms including a well-equipped multimedia computer lab.  Please visit the following link for more information: Creating Pathways Centre.