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We All Have an Opportunity to Make a Difference

October 27, 2016 1191Views

Develop Africa posted a blog article in March, 2016 about three women who were facing very difficult circumstances. The article, “An Uncertain Future for Three Pregnant Girls in West Africa,” inspired the following response.

By Martha Cooper

Women like Fatuma, Abuna, and Christiana are faced with disadvantages because they are pregnant and alone. Often, these women become pregnant because they were forced to have sex with someone against their will. Imagine if you were in a situation like these women. How would you feel carrying a baby for nine months with no shelter, food, water and no help? Being a mother is supposed to be something amazing, beautiful, joyful, and exciting. It is hard enough alone just carrying a baby for nine months without having to struggle to survive.

It's time for a change

Many women around the world are vulnerable and in need of help. Christiana was fortunate enough to get help and a chance at a better future. But we can help change the lives of women like Fatuma and Abuna if we all work together as one. We can help provide them with a brighter, more certain future.

Donating through Develop Africa’s website is a great place to start. Contributing clothing, water, food and accommodations for women in need is also a great way to help. The easiest thing you can do to affect change is to let the world know what children and women like Fatuma, Abuna and Christiana are going through by sharing their stories on social media sites.

We need your support

Everyone woman and man should have the same equality and justice. What these women are going through is unjustifiable. Together, I believe that we can change the lives of people who are in extreme poverty. We can all be a part of this mission to help change lives.

Wouldn't it be a blessing if you knew that someone was happy and living a good life because of the contributions you had made for this to be possible?  It can be so amazing and bring a smile to your face to know that you have helped vulnerable young single mothers who live in poverty.