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Beyonce, Food and Language!: Three Things that unite 3 Nations affected by Ebola

February 14, 2015 975Views

Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia may have much in common, most notably, they share a common border; also, they were the three nations most badly affected by Ebola. But there is more that distinguishes the three countries than meets the eyes- take the language for example.

In Liberia and Sierra Leone, English is the official language spoken; French is also widely spoken in Sierra Leone and is the officially spoken language in Guinea. However, all three countries have the Creole or Kreyol language which is widely spoken and is a French based language with hints of Pidgin English. It has a mixture of French, African and Caribbean cultures.  Creole is also a term used to describe an individual’s cultural heritage. Superstar Beyonce Knowles-Carter has Creole origins as does Actor Jamie Foxx.

Food is also something else these neighboring nations have in common. Rice is a common staple dish eaten in the three countries and usually accompanied with stew and beef or fish.

In Guinea a traditional and popular dish, known as Konkoé Turé Gbéli, which is smoked catfish stew with vegetables; is a mouthwatering traditional dish made with smoked catfish on a bed of steaming white rice, topped with red palm oil, peppers and aubergines (eggplant) sauce. It is usually served with okra and potatoes.

Similarly in Sierra Leone a dish known as ubiquitous plasas, or palaver sauces are the names given to a variety of dishes in which green leaves are boiled and cooked with oil (usually red palm oil), pepper, onion, meat and or fish. These are usually eaten as a sauce with rice.

In Liberia, Liberian aubergine stew is a traditional Liberian dish of fried aubergine (eggplant) with dried fish in a tomato and onion sauce…mouthwatering right! Have you noticed the common denominators of fish, palm oil, peppers and aubergines?

If these delicious tasty treats are not enough to satisfy your curious taste buds then the traditional drinks of Palm wine known as Poyo in Sierra Leone, or ginger drink are sure to quench your thirst. Ginger drink also known as Ginger beer is a popular beverage not only in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia but in most African nations, the Caribbean and parts of Asia.

So it’s not just the dreaded Ebola virus that these three nations have in common, but so much more.




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