Many young women in Sierra Leone struggle to complete their education.  Pregnant young women have an even greater challenge.  But the greatest struggle is for the young mom  - who has no one to care for her young baby so that she can go to school.  Before your help, young moms either were unable to come to class or had to bring their babies with them. 

Now, with your help, more young moms are getting baby care and are able to come to school.  Thanks to you they have the chance to complete their education and the opportunity to provide a better life for their babies.

One of the ladies who benefited from the funds you provided is Nancy.   Nancy has a baby sitter called Adama.    Thanks to your support, Nancy is now able to go to school - knowing that her baby is being cared for.  

Thank you for your generosity and support that is making a difference in these young moms' lives!

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