Develop Africa  E-Newsletter - September 2013


Help send a child to school - educate a girl in Africa     A very special thank you to all of you who responded to our Send a Child to School Campaign.  We are still looking for sponsors.  enabling us to support the education of these precious children.
Your donation of any amount ($10 or more) will helps us reach our goal of providing $500 scholarships. To donate and read more -​


1:1 Matching Day - Today:  Microsoft is giving away $100 K – you can help us secure a share of it
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Give For Youth


Featured:  Field Report: Thanks to Your Support, We Are Providing a Well Rounded Education​

It excites us to bring you an update on what your support has helped us do over the past months.  Thanks to your kind assistance, we were involved in a lot of activities, including the National youth day, tree planting exercise, bilingualism week and an excursion of the kids to the Yaoundé Airport.
The BLIS family joined other youths nationwide to celebrate the 47th edition of the National Youth Day earlier this year - under the theme: “Youth, Civic Responsibility and Participation in the Development Process”.  This youths had a March pass, dancing and singing competition among schools. It was BLIS’ 4th official outing during the Youth Day Celebration.

Thank You for Your Support


A Billion Times Thank You for Changing our Lives

School is in session and the computer classes that you help sponsor are in full swing.  The girls and school officials are so very appreciative of your support.  Providing this training has been image-breaking and image-shaping for these girls. The training has been image-breaking from the perspective that this is helping to break off scarcity, poverty and limited thinking. Receiving this training has lifted the limits, their sights and helped them the girls dream bigger.  It is image-shaping from the perspective that the consciousness of these girls has been lifted higher.  They now realize that they are valuable. They realize that you care enough to consistently support their education.


A Billion Thanks for Changing our Lives


I Will Grow Up To Be a Great Woman Because I am Going to School: Nurturing the Seeds of Greatness

The scholarship beneficiaries and their families extend their deepest thanks and appreciation to all Develop Africa and Global Giving supporters for the God-given opportunity accorded the children to enroll and stay in school - so that they will realize their dreams of becoming professionals in their various aspirations. Indeed words cannot articulate enough their profound gratitude for the support towards their education.

Fatu Thanks Sponsors for Support

Fatu M, one of the beneficiaries was delighted to receive a scholarship.  Her father fell ill last year, suffering from stroke paralysis. All their meager resources have been used to seek a cure for the father. The mother’s petty trading came to a halt and has used the capital to seek medical attention for her husband. She also had to temporarily stop the business to care for her husband, as they moved from place to place in search of cure. This misfortune has caused Fatu’s two brothers to drop out of school for now because their parents had no money to support their education.



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Sylvester Renner and The Develop Africa Team