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  • Do you have a passion for writing or would you like to be published?
  • Have you traveled anywhere in Africa? Do you want a platform to share stories about your experiences and observations?
  • Are you an inquisitive person who enjoys learning about other cultures?
  • Do you love to express your view in an engaging and thought provoking way?


If any of these describe you, consider writing for Develop Africa. Our bloggers create educational material of their choosing, including—

  • Educational Resources. This involves research and writing about topics that interest you or if you have good stories from abroad. Existing topics for our educational posts include:

    • Technology and Education
    • Disease and Disaster
    • Women Empowerment and Gender Equality
    • Economic Topics and Microfinance
    • Children in Africa
    • Development in Africa (General)
    • African Topics of Your Choice (with approval)


  • Project Summaries/Updates. This involves write-ups on Develop Africa's ongoing projects. The types of projects we are involved in include:

    • Child Sponsorship
    • Computer Labs and Computer Training
    • Education
    • Health
    • Leadership Development
    • Microfinance
    • Workforce Empowerment

Project writers will be in communication with members of our project teams and will be responsible for documenting the progress of a project of their choosing. Please visit the Projects part of our site to see what we are doing. If you would like to be a project writer you must be able to commit to writing one article every two months.

Please visit our blog here to get an idea of what has already been written.

Also, please see our writing tips:


Benefits of Blogging with Us:

  • Your work will published with your name for free on our website.
  • It's a great, flexible way to get your work out there and also create awareness of our focus areas.


This is a volunteer position where you can make a difference! All you need is a laptop (or desktop) and an internet connection to get started!

Your writing must not be offensive, derogatory or political; write about the above mentioned subjects in an informative and engaging manner. You must cite all of your sources and any statistics and provide us with links to the sources so that we can verify them. Our editors may edit all articles submitted as necessary in order to maintain a consistent tone within our blog and to correct grammatical errors.

If you’d like to contribute to either or both of the two writing areas, we would love to hear from you.  To apply, please fill out and submit the form below. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Copy of your writing.  This must be a complete article ready for publishing
  • A resume or CV
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