Lack of Computers and Insufficient Training

Computers are an essential part of the information age, yet traditional schools and colleges lack adequate computer training and facilities. In many African Nations, 30 to 50 % of the population is under the age of 15.   Students who wish to acquire technology skills needed for many jobs have no recourse but to pay for additional training in “computer schools” at predatory prices.  These are tremendous barriers for those who can barely make ends meet.

The training and facilities offered in traditional schools and colleges have simply not caught up with the information age. In tragedy, the training offered does not adequately prepare graduates for such positions.  Often, within the school and college system, there are no facilities for this budding population to learn how to use computers or to get any form of computer training.  At graduation, the majority of students have never used a computer, let alone received any basic training or education in “Information Age’ skills.  Inexperience with computer technology narrows one's job market.

Computer Training for StudentsComputer training in Africa

The Role of Computers in the African Workforces

As technology becomes a mainstay in the private and public sectors, most decent paying jobs require proficiency in computers and basic office applications.  Some job applications are only accepted electronically and require that the applicant have an email address.  These stipulations have the effect of "raising the bar" and making even entry-level positions inaccessible for many individuals in Africa.


Empowering African Workforces through Computer Training

After conducting several interviews to better understand the barriers and needs related to computer competency, Develop Africa provides access to technological facilities and the necessary training that will improve employment prospects for disadvantaged individuals and empower them to meet their family and community needs.


Our Ongoing Campaign

1.  Provide Basic Computer / Information Technology Training

2.  Launch Multi-Purpose Technology Centers throughout Africa (MPTC). 


Our desired Outcomes:

  • Empower the youth to become computer literate and proficient
  • Empower the youth to become viable and competitive in the job market
  • Empower the youth to develop the information technology skills necessary to become globally competent in today's market place.

See pictures of computer training sessions:





Is computer training making a difference?  

 See and listen... in the words of a recent Develop Africa computer training participant.


If you are interested in providing computer training or to contribute towards the development of technology centers, please contact Develop Africa.

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