Sarah Excitedly Launches Her Small Business - Thanks to Microfinance Funds

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Sierra Leone.  During this visit, I talked to over 20 young ladies, one on one, at the Creating Pathways Centre. These school-going ladies became pregnant during the Ebola crisis and dropped out of school.  

The ladies told me a bit about themselves and each ended with an appeal.  Many of them requested funding assistance to start a small business.  The business goal is to help them take care of their kids or support their education.  They wanted help to get their lives back on track.

The appeals of these ladies deeply touched my heart.  I listened to story after story of these girls who were destitute and had fallen "between the cracks", so to speak.  They explained their gripping and precarious situation.  Their future looked bleak with no hope and no prospects.

I conveyed to them OUR passion and joint interest. I explained that I would present their situations to you.  I gave them a message of hope - that we would try to assist as many of them as possible.

These ladies are most deserving of our support.  Providing a loan of $100 to $200 would help many them get their lives back on track - and on the path to self-sufficiency.  

It would be phenomenal and life-changing if each one of us could decide to support one of these ladies - around 90 of them in total.  We will connect you with the specific lady that your donation supports. Would you consider doing this today?  

While in Freetown, I distributed microfinance funds to Sarah.  Sarah is married with 3 kids and her husband is currently unemployed.  As you can see in the photos that I took, Sarah, with the funds that I provided, purchased a large bag of powdered milk.  She repacked this into small plastic bags - to be retailed in the market.  These smaller packets of milk are affordable for families living from day to day.  From sales, she will earn enough to feed her family each day.

For Sarah, access to the funds, as in the case of the Ethiopian entrepreneurs, opened up a new door of opportunity. She was exuberant and extended her deep appreciation to YOU.

Thanks again for joining us in changing the course of history of one more family.  Today, Sarah and her family have food on the table, thanks to your support.


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Wed, 08/31/2016
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