Finally... online fundraising for everybody!


Firstgiving provides an online fundraising service that is available to everybody through

Any individual (including YOU) can use Firstgiving to support any registered U.S. tax-exempt organization, such as Develop Africa, Inc.

Set up a free Firstgiving page in a few minutes and start raising money for Develop Africa.

The Firstgiving website allows you to create a personal page and solicit funds for your favorite charity (us - Develop Africa, Inc.).  This is a great idea for people who want to help us to raise funds.  You can add a link to your firstgiving page on your web site, blog, page.  You can also include an invitation to this page in the signature of your email.  Its simple, fun to do and we would be happy to assist you.  Just ask if you need help.  Here's how...

  • (Firstgiving has teamed with Guidestar (, the leading database of over 1.5 million tax-exempt organizations. Firstgiving pages can be created for any organization in the Guidestar database.'
  • Go to
  • Choose your cause (search for Develop Africa, based in Tennessee) and your reason for fundraising (one of our projects).
  • Include a message and photo (you can copy from our website... let us know if you need help).
  • Email the link to your page to friends and family (or post in your blog or online profile) and start collect online donations. 
  • Create a leaflet about this personal web page and pass the word around to your friends / co-workers / church group etc.
  • Donors make an online donation and leave a comment.
  • Firstgiving charges a transaction fee on donations. Funds will be sent automatically to Develop Africa, Inc.