According to the United Nations, 42% of African school children will drop out before the end of primary education. They sadly drop out of school simply because their parents are unable to pay tuition and school related costs.  No child should be deneied the right to education - not in this day and age.

Education is a key component in bringing real and lasting change in Africa. Poverty and its related challenges contribute to high drop out rates. Therefore, one of the goals of Develop Africa is to create opportunities for promising but impoverished African children and youths through scholarships. 


Promise of Hope Scholarship Award Ceremony in Africa


The “Promise of Hope” Scholarship Program was established to provide assistance and expand educational opportunities for children and youth.  Our goal is to help ensure that they are able to pursue their educational dreams.

YOU can help provide the needed scholarships to African youth so that they can stay in school. Your donation will help pay tuition and related school costs. Your support has significant long term impact on helping youth to become educated productive adults.


School Children in Africa