Books and Literacy in Africa

  • Millions of African children do not have books.  Many schools do not have a library.
  • African countries have some of the highest illiteracy rates in the world.  Compared to the United States where 99% of individuals ages 15 and over are literate, literacy levels in Develop Africa's focus countries are: 35% in Sierra Leone, 40% in the Gambia, 67% in Uganda, 68% in Cameroon, 85% in Kenya.1  The literacy levels among females is even lower.
  • Low literacy levels are linked to poverty, unemployment and crime
  • Access to printed materials has been found to be on the critical variables affecting reading acquisition

coy smiling wioth book in Cameroon

Habits that children form at a young age will stay with them for a lifetime. Childhood is therefore the best time to instill a love of reading. This will help educate and inform the person throughout his/her lifespan. Developing a love of books leads to a love of learning. When a child loves to learn, opportunities greatly increase.

There is a dire need for educational books in Africa. These books will make a real difference in enhancing literacy / reading skills among children.  Help Develop Africa send a container of one million children books to sponsor literacy efforts for kids ages 3-12 in Africa.

The children's books will be distributed free to children in schools.  The books will also support reading and learning in school classrooms.


  Our Book Focus Goals:

  • To bring new focus on the literacy needs of children in Africa
  • To engage students, schools, corporations and other organizations in gathering brand new books and used books for school libraries, classrooms and students in Africa 


   How You Can Help:

  • Run a book drive campaign in your school, church and or organization
  • Please help us by donating to help cover the cost of shipping to get these books where they need to be.  A single drum costs over $200 to ship to Africa.   Every dollar donated gets us one step closer to getting these books into children's hands and we want to get ALL of them into the hands of the children that they were donated for.    Please make a donation today to help pay for shipping drums to Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Liberia.  

    Another way to help cover the shipping costs is to consider buying or selling on eBay, click here for more information.

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