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Welcome to Develop Africa Inc.'s  news update - September 2006. 

This newsletter serves as a means of communication among the various partners, donors, sponsors and friends of Develop Africa Inc.  This third newsletter contains updates about current, future projects and activities.

Develop Africa, Inc. is committed to the development of Africa's most important resource - people.  Children hold the key to Africa's future.
Hope this newsletter provides happy and inspiring reading!

Children - Africa's invaluable resource

Photo and Media Center Update 

The  Photo and Media Center has been updated with photos of:

1.  Books collected  for our Million Book and Dime Project.

2. Printer donations received from Dell Inc. and Gifts in Kind International.

check it out.....

Internet Giving and Network Partnerships

» Gifts in Kind International
Gifts In Kind International  is dedicated to providing quality products and services nonprofits need to continue improving lives and communities around the world.  Develop Africa is currently benefiting from donations from companies made through this agency



Vehicles For Charity
Did you know that Develop Africa, Inc accepts gifts in kind?  Our vehicle donation program is administered by Vehicles for charity and we have already received donations of three cars. 

Donate Your Vehicle and Support Develop Africa!

Instead of selling, trading or storing your vehicle, you can donate your vehicle and receive a tax deduction.

More information...




Aidmatrix connects aid -- surplus product and goods including food, clothing, building supplies, medical or educational supplies, and cash -- to people in need.  Contribute to Develop Africa through AidMatrix
» VolunteerMatch
Earlier this year, Develop Africa, Inc. partnered with Volunteermatch.  More than 30,000 non-profit organizations use VolunteerMatch to complement their volunteer recruiting activities.  We currently have a few opportunities listed on and have received several positive responses.
» Kabissa
Kabissa makes technology a force for change in Africa. It provide hundreds of grassroots organizations with Internet services and training, helping them to do what they do better. Some materials and resources from Kabissa's web site will be made available to the participants at our training sessions.
» Travel Update:
A team will be offering our first basic computer training classes in Banjul, The Gambia and Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Partnership discussions will take place with YEDEM, one of our partners.  The team will also explore other opportunities, meet with government officials, establish new relationships, conduct surveys etc.  

Read Additional details...

» Two Ways YOU can help us raise money:

1.  Raise money for Develop Africa, Inc. just by searching the internet using GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo) — it doesn't get any easier than this! 

Use GoodSearch like any other search engine. and every time you use GoodSearch, money is generated for Develop Africa, IncRead More...

2.  The Firstgiving website allows you to create a personal page and solicit funds for Develop Africa, Inc. You can add a link to your Firstgiving page on your web site, blog, page etc.  You can also include an invitation to this page in the signature of your email.  More Information...


Greetings From the Board

Warm Greetings.  Without your faithful and continued support, Develop Africa, Inc., would not be making the difference that it is making today.  Thank you sponsors, donors, friends and volunteers. 
Your support and contributions are making a real difference! 

Project 2006 Update: Please visit our projects page at for a detailed description and update about these projects.  Projects for 2006 - 2007 include the following:

computer training

Featured Project: Basic Computer Skills Training Update

A team from Develop Africa Inc will provide computer training sessions in Banjul, The Gambia and Freetown, Sierra Leone in December 2006.  Training Areas covered will include:

  1. Basic computer skills

  2. Internet browsing

  3. Office applications (such as MS Word, Excel). 

More information and pictures of these sessions will be available in our next E-newsletter.  Read More...

helping hands

Tuition and Book Scholarship Project Develop Africa Inc is in the process of deciding on the children for receipt of the 2007 Promise of Hope Tuition and Book Scholarship. A team will visit the Sierra Leone and will present the scholarship awards later this year (December 2006). More information and pictures will be available in January.

Million Book and Dime Project Update: Develop Africa Inc. is in the process of collecting books and raising funds for this project.  A significant number of books have been received so far.  Pictures can be seen here.  We welcome additional donations and books. 

This summer Develop Africa Inc. teamed up with Ethiopian Education Endeavors Inc. to collect and educational text books and general children's books for primary and secondary schools in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.  If you are interested in opening up a book drive in your area or donating books please contact us.   More information...

Web Visitors and Site Visibility:
Develop Africa, Inc.'s web site continues to increase in visibility.  As of September 2006, the web site had received visitors from at least 37 countries, world-wide.  We continue to receive emails from many organizations and people requesting help, volunteers offering assistance and donations from people around the world.  See the list of countries...

Update on Partnerships -  Forging Ahead With Partnerships

» Develop Africa Inc. partners with Ethiopian Education Endeavors Inc.(EEE)

Develop Africa Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with Ethiopian Education Endeavors Inc. (EEE).  EEE was established to collect and disseminate educational text books and work books to primary and secondary schools in Ethiopia.

Working, together, the two organizations are in the process of planning regional book solicitation drives.   Shipment and distribution of the books will begin in 2007.


» Develop Africa Inc. partners with the Child’s Rights Network (CRIN)

Develop Africa Inc. is also pleased to announce its partnership with the Child’s Rights Network a global organization with a primary focus on child advocacy. The preparatory phase of CRIN dates back to 1991, before the Committee on the Rights of the Child ever convened its first session. At this time experts from child rights organizations – including UNICEF Geneva Regional Office, UNICEF New York, Defence for Children International (DCI), and Save the Children Sweden – were already asking what would happen with information generated through the reporting process of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The network was formed by experts from child rights organizations – including UNICEF Geneva Regional Office, UNICEF New York, Defence for Children International (DCI), and Save the Children Sweden. At present CRIN consists of a formally structured management team. It is now a viable information network that includes over 1,200 organizations. Learn more about the Child’s Rights Network.

Develop Africa Inc.'s Website Update
Since mid September, we have been taking more time to update our website, in order to keep you updated on progress. We also have a new feature that summarizes News and Highlights.  This News feature is available on the home page. The Recent News page provides access to past highlights.

Volunteer Snapshot  /  Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation
The Board and Staff at Develop Africa Inc. wish to thank our volunteers for their assistance with various projects this year. We appreciate your willingness to invest into Africa's future.  Starting in October, we will be featuring a volunteer each month on the web site and on future newsletters.  Thank you for your willingness to help and time.  

Our volunteers are currently involved in / working on the following:
» Updating information about our projects on

» Developing a new initiative - an entrepreneur and business network portal / website.  This online community portal will serve as a means of networking, communication and dissemination of news and updates about entrepreneur opportunities in Africa.  It will provide a hub or meeting point for investors, entrepreneurs and business owners.

We welcome your suggestions, contributions and feedback on how we can promote and maximize its use.  Please send your suggestions to info@developafrica.orgMore information about this initiative...

» Developing a new website for one of our partners: YEDEM 

» Raising money through  (You can help us do this too - Read More)

» Exploring the concept of creating fund-raising websites.

» Doing research on short-term and long-term sustainable development projects

More information about volunteering with Develop Africa... 

Thanks for reading this newsletter.  We value your time and appreciate your support. 

Sylvester Renner

Co-Founder and President
Develop Africa, Inc.

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