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» Greetings - Giving Thanks
» Empowering Youths and Young Adults Through Computer Training
» Welcome Facebook Fans / Members
» Featured Microfinance Beneficiary - Mariatu
» USA Readers - Please Read This Before Any Holiday Shopping


In Partnership with HINT - 3 Computer Labs Handed Over to Schools
» Develop Africa is featured as a top gift package on UniversalGiving
» Warm wishes from kids in the USA to Develop Africa and kids in Africa
» Vision 2010







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  Warm Greetings from the Develop Africa Board, Teams and Members - in the US,  Africa and worldwide.

Giving Thanks...

Happy ThanksgvingThis week, the USA celebrates Thanksgiving (Canada celebrated Thanksgiving in October).  This notable holiday embodies and encourages a valuable tradition - that of giving thanks.  Wherever you may be, on whatever continent, please take time this season and always to appreciate and thank your friends and family for the important role that they play in your life. 

Here at Develop Africa, we deeply appreciate and are thankful for each and every one of you - our friends, partners and donors.  We appreciate hearing from you we value your suggestions, involvement, partnership and donations.  Without your involvement, many lives would not have been impacted and Develop Africa would certainly not be where it is today.  Thank you so much!

The year has sped by so quickly.  We ended up delaying this newsletter as we got busy with successful new partnerships, relationships and funding.   Our apologies.  We have been adding updates regularly to our Facebook page as its much easier to post an update there. We invite you to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter as they are the best ways or staying updated with what we are doing and development work in general.

Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

Empowering Youths and Young Adults Through Basic Computer Training

The development and empowerment of youths is one of Develop Africa's priorities. The Basic Computer Training Project targets the development of the skills level of youths, with the goal of enabling them to seek and gain employment in both the formal and informal sectors in Sierra Leone.  Training was offered in partnership with Aid Sierra Leone.  The theme of the training was “Improving your IT Skill”. Most of the beneficiaries had little or no computer experience. To them this was a "great opportunity" as one of them stated. Also for those who had had some previous computer knowledge, this was a very fruitful opportunity as it has helped improved their skills even more.  Read more...

Computer trainee

Welcome Facebook Fans / Members

We warmly welcome all the new members/ fans of our facebook page.  We appreciate hearing from you and reading your comments / suggestions etc.  We want to also invite you to sign up for our newsletter which you can do right here.  DA is proud to have 12,000+ members on our fan page.

Featured Microfinance Beneficiary - Mariatu

Mariatu - microfinance beneficiary

In partnership with the Young Entrepreneurs Club at Silver Creek High School, Develop Africa provided funds for a microfinance loan. The Sierra Leonean team selected a woman called Mariatu who lives in the Wellington community of Freetown, Sierra Leone as the recipient.  Develop Africa combined the funds donated by the Young Entrepreneurs Club with other funds to purchase a new sewing machine (with a stand and foot pedal), some sewing supplies and cloth / material to help her get her business started.
  Mariatu's life will never be the same again. She has started her business working from outside her small apartment. She hopes to eventually rent a small shop and expand.

Thank you Young Entrepreneurs Club  for this transforming gift!

USA Readers - Please Read This Before Any Holiday Shopping

Please make every gift count this holiday season. You can find coupons at more than 1,600 top stores (including Amazon, Macy's, J.Crew, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Gap and more) AND a percentage of virtually every sale will be donated to Develop Africa

Raise money while you shop!

Just go to, designate us as the cause you support and then click over to your favorite store and shop away!.  Or, add our toolbar to your browser at - and your purchases will earn a donation for us even if you forget to go to GoodShop first!

There's no easier way to support us this holiday season! Please spread the word.  Read more ...

In Partnership with Helps International, 3 Computer Labs Handed Over to Schools

Thanks to your support, in September, in partnership with Helps INTernational (HINT) Cameroon, 3 computer labs handed over to schools.  Develop Africa helped recruit 2 volunteers - Brandon Turner and Robert Arlt - and sent supporting funds.  Thanks for your on-going support that is making all this and more possible.  View photos

Computer lab in Cameroon



Develop Africa is Featured as a Top Gift Package on UniversalGiving

Develop Africa has been featured as a top gift package on UniversalGiving.  Develop Africa was delighted to receive notice of this distinction and recognition.  Develop Africa has been a partner with UniversalGiving since 2006.  Read more...


Heart-warming - Warm Wishes From Kids in the USA to Develop Africa and Kids in Africa!
Do something different - View a heart-warming collection of prayers, well wishes and just kind words to Develop Africa and children of Africa from children of the U.S. … presented through drawings, symbols and ‘words of wisdom’.
  greeting cards
Vision 2010 - Expand Our Impact, Invest in Lives
So far this year we have indeed expanded our impact and invested in lives. Thanks again for helping make this happen!
Donation Options: You can make a donation online or mail a check to DA.  More information on how to do so is available here .  Thanks for your investment! 

Thank you friends, supporters, donors and fans for your continued investment.

Sylvester Renner and The Develop Africa Team