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» Global Initiatives & Projects Updates 2006
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Welcome to Develop Africa Inc.'s  news update. 

Develop Africa continues to forge ahead with an ever increasing commitment to promoting sustainable development in Africa through capacity building and transformational education.   We embrace the mandate of developing Africa to maximize its fullest potential.

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This second issue / newsletter contains updates and news about our current and future projects and activities. Our mandate includes partnerships and the coordination of chapters of Develop Africa in different nations.

Enjoy reading!

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Be sure to visit our Photo and Media center to watch videos etc..

Develop Africa Inc. is officially a 501(c) (3) organization as per the IRS approval.

One of our Board Members will be traveling to Africa this year



Greetings From the Board

On behalf of members of Develop Africa Inc. we want to thank all of our sponsors, donors, friends and volunteers for your tremendous response to the development initiatives and projects we launched this year.

We are committed to sustainable development in Africa with short-term and long-term approach /  strategy. You are part of a historic event that will bring lasting transformation to the people of Africa.  We are truly developing Africa's most valuable resource: people.

Thank you for all your support!!


Administrative Update:

New and Improved Site:
We have spent many hours in giving our website an overhaul and fresh look. The website now runs on a system specially customized for non-profit organizations.  

We have added several updates and interactive modules to the website. Please visit to experience these changes.  We invite you to participate in the forums, poll etc  Please sign up for an account on our website.  Bookmark this site and visit us regularly.  

501(c)(3) Status with IRS: We successfully earned our 501C3 status from the United States IRS Department of Treasury. This new legal status allows donors and supporters in the USA to benefit from tax deductible contributions.  

Project 2006 Update: Please visit our projects page at for a detailed description and update about these projects.  Projects for 2006 - 2007 include the following:


Computers For Africa Project:
Thousands of school and college students in Africa do not have ready access to a computer.  This project will contribute to closing the technology gap by
providing a free computer suite / lab (25 to 40 computers) to schools in Africa. 


Tuition and Book Scholarship: This program provides tuition and book scholarships to deserving students who otherwise may not be able to continue their education. 

This project creates opportunities for promising but impoverished African youth through the provision of scholarships, when poverty would otherwise force them to abandon their studies.

 Million Book and Dime Project: This project involves providing a million books free to African children to encourage / support literacy and reading skill development.

Internet Giving and Network Partnerships

Network For Good
Network for Good is a not-for-profit organization and Web site dedicated to providing real opportunities for you to donate, volunteer and get involved with issues that matter to you.  To donate through this partner, click here.

Ebay and MissionFish
MissionFish is a partner of eBay and together they provide an easy way for buyers and sellers to support their favorite nonprofit causes while trading on eBay.  For more information, click here.

JustGive is a non-profit organization whose mission is to connect people with the charities and causes they care about and to increase overall giving.  To donate through this partner, click here.

Taking It Global is an online community that connects youth to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and take action in their local and global communities.  For more information about this partner, click here.

Universal Giving
Explore giving opportunities with exceptional international organizations:  For more information about this partner, click here.


Travel Update:
A staff/ board member of will be visiting one of our project sites in October this year. We will be offering our first basic computer training class.  

Partnership discussions will take place with YEDEM, one of our partners.  We will also explore other opportunities, meet with government officials, establish new relationships etc.  

In 2007 Develop Africa Inc. is planning a trip to visit Cameroon or Nigeria

Update on Partnerships -  Breaking New Grounds in Partnerships


Formal Partnerships

Develop Africa, Inc. is proud to announce its newly formed  partnership agreement with a Cameroon- based non-profit organization, namely United Action For Children.

United Action for Children UAC) is a non-governmental, nonprofit and philanthropic organization that operates in Buea, the South West province of Cameroon in Central Africa.

UAC focuses on children and youths and its mission is to provide affordable quality education and training to the children and the disadvantaged youths of Buea and the entire South West province of Cameroon.  

In March, this year Develop Africa also formed a new partnership with the Youth Empowerment for Development Ministries (Yedem International) based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. YEDEM's mandate is to promote youth empowerment in all aspects of its entirety, as well as gender equity, women and children's right, with a view to mobilizing and developing the skills and talents of young people in order for them to be able to meaningfully contribute to the development of their communities countries and the world.

This fall, Sylvester Renner, one of the co-founders of Develop Africa Inc. will be visiting YEDEM to discuss partnership activities in detail and to be involved in community project development.

Photo & Media Center Update

We are proud to announce that we have launched our official Photo and Media Center.

Our new photo and media center provides photo and video clips. This center currently has video clips of an actual school teaching session.  We invite you to take a peek into a classroom session.  Here is a unique opportunity to watch the faces of the kids as they recite and learn.  Travel out to Africa for a few moments with us...

Please click here to see a brief classroom session.  We plan to update this center regularly.

Featured Project : Million Book and Dime Project

Development Focus Areas:
1.  Children
2.  Education & Literacy
3.  Success Skills Development 
4.  Empowerment for Basic Skills Training


The disadvantaged and under-developed children between the ages of 3-12 from a total family income of less than 300,000 Leones monthly or ($100 monthly).   The selected schools are located in the eastern and western area of Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone. Typically, members of this segment of society have not had access to essential training and opportunities that will facilitate their growth into healthy, viable and productive citizens.

A significant percentage of the selected population in the schools in Freetown has little or inadequate literacy training. We will distribute these books to the schools free and ensure that children are the benefactors of these resources.

Food for Thought:

Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness to accept responsibility

 - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Thanks for reading this newsletter.  We value your time and appreciate your support.

Sylvester Renner

Co-Founder and President
Develop Africa, Inc.

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