Develop Africa Newsletter - Vol. 2, Issue 1

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» Greetings
» December 2006 - January 2007 Field Trip
» Project Update:

- The Promise of Hope  Scholarship

- Basic Computer Training  - YEDEM and iEARN

- One Million Books for Africa

» Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation
» Website Update: Gift Packages / Donation Directory
» Photo & Video Center Update


 Web Site Update:


The Develop Africa website has been updated with a new feature called Donation Directory or Gift Packages.  This feature has been introduced at the request of donors who would like to donate to specific projects.  The directory displays of all the gift packages created for sponsorship this year. 

For ongoing updates, throughout the year, be sure to review the recent news and updates links on the right hand side of the web site.



Featured Gift Package: 
Microfinance Support:
Your donation of $25.00 will empower a small business, providing much needed  start-up “seed money” .



 Web Design Training / Web Page Support:


During its visit to Africa, the team also provided web page design software and training on web page design to YEDEM. The web page design training was offered as part of a transition process to enable YEDEM to manage and update its own website. YEDEM's current website ( was designed by a Develop Africa volunteer. On-going support is being offered to ensure complete sustainability and enhancements to the site.



Photo and Video Center
Like pictures and videos? A picture is worth a thousand words.  A video ...  maybe ten thousand words.

See Develop Africa in action, view pictures and videos at our updated photo and media center



Business Partner Donations Update
Develop Africa has developed a partnership relationship with and received a significant amount of in-kind business donations from a local Office Depot store in Bristol TN.  This relationship is on-going and Develop Africa continues to receive miscellaneous office supplies etc on a regular basis.

Develop Africa has also received a donation of several printers from Gap, Inc.   





Contact Us: 
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Like to get involved?

Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!



Warm Greetings:

 This electronic communication provides information about current initiatives, project updates/ news and reminders. It serves as a means of communication among the partners, donors, sponsors and friends of Develop Africa.

Ever wonder whether your support can make or is making a difference?  Take a moment to watch this video where a participant at one of the training sessions we offered expresses his gratitude: See a video of one of the students expressing gratitude after the training.

Also, go to the photo and media center and see pictures of projects you are enabling and children whose education you are supporting through our scholarship program.

Without you - all this and more would not be possible.  With you, this is happening.  Together we are changing lives, destinies and nations.  The future is now!

Have you been watching or observing on the sidelines and considering getting involved?  We need your support, now more than ever.  The needs are great.  Join us and let's do this together. 

Together we can do far more than any of us can do alone

We welcome your suggestions, input, advice and involvement.  feel free to reply to this email anytime or contact us using the contact form on the website.

Field Trip Update:

In December 2006 and January 2007, a team from Develop Africa had the opportunity to visit 3 countries - Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Nigeria.

  • Sierra Leone, held partnership discussions, reviewed projects, visited schools and medical library, provided basic computer training, launched Promise of Hope Scholarship in Sierra Leone, met with Sierra Leone Coordinator, Janet Tucker
  • Gambia: Held partnership discussions, reviewed projects, provided basic training to local bookshop staff in Microsoft Excel,  launched Promise of Hope Scholarship in The Gambia, met with .
    Gambia Coordinators - Matthias and Ayeisha George

Promise of Hope Scholarship - Sierra Leone:

In January 2007, Develop Africa awarded 8 (eight) tuition scholarships to deserving youths and children in Sierra Leone.

The occasion was graced by the parents, friends, teachers and staff of the school and the recipients of the scholarship award.  The scholarship award ceremony took place at the UMC Primary School in George Brook, Freetown.  Read more and see pictures...

Volunteer of The Year Award - 2006

Volunteers are very special and important people! Without them, Develop Africa would quickly grind to a halt. The Board would like to gratefully acknowledge the exemplary efforts and contributions of the three "Volunteers of the Year – 2006."

• Matt Saul
• Re’Cole Cook
• Austin Swope

An award certificate and a modest gift of appreciation have been sent to them. 

Promise of Hope Scholarship - The Gambia:

In December 2006, Develop Africa presented an award of 3 (three) Promise of Hope Scholarships to students in Wellingara, The Gambia. The scholarship was awarded to students at the Omega Training Institute, a secretarial and computer training institute. 

Omega Training Institute was established to train young Gambians and school dropouts in basic skills. Courses covered include Business English, Secretarial / Administrative studies, Basic Computer Training. The overall goal of the institute is to empower or enable students to become gainfully employed or self-employed. The institute is directly contributing to the educational goals of the Gambian government by providing good quality education at the tertiary level.

Read more and see pictures...

Basic Computer Training:

A team from Develop Africa sponsored and provided 4 days of computer training training to youths in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Training was provided to 2 youth groups: YEDEM and iEARN.

The training included:
»Introductory and Advanced Microsoft Word. 
» An overview of the Windows Operating system 
» Introductory Microsoft Excel
The training took place at the iEARN facilities, Stadium Hostel, Freetown, Sierra Leone.  This type of training is not available free and in very high demand in Africa.  Schools and colleges in Sierra Leone (and many other countries), do not currently have fully-functional computer labs or provide this type of training.   

See pictures of the YEDEM training session|

See pictures of the iEARN training session

Partnership: Develop Africa and KWT Radio (The Gambia):

KWT Radio is a kids-centered  station that focuses on building the talent of kids.  It targets the nurturing, empowerment and holistic development of children, with the vision that children are the future leaders of the nation.  By specifically contributing to their total development in all areas - psychological, health, mental, potential etc, the future leadership potential of a nation can be greatly enhanced.  This vision fits in closely with Develop Africa's vision to contribute to the total development of the Continent.

As part of this partnership, Develop Africa, is assisting the station in its efforts to put together a website that will provide a wealth of resources for the development of kids.  Develop Africa volunteers are currently working on this project. Sponsorship of other activities is being planned.  See pictures of planning meeting in The Gambia

Million Book and Dime Project:

On-going Book Collection: Towards the end of last year, Develop Africa had the opportunity to receive books donated by the community through the Care Bears Preschool Curriculum Program: You're Never Too Young to Care

As part of this event, a book donation drive was held November at selected mall locations throughout the country to encourage children to spread the love of reading. The donation program took place at 87 malls. New and gently used books appropriate for children ages pre-school through primary grades were collected. Through this event, Develop Africa had the opportunity to receive a donation of books from 2 malls in Knoxville TN. Books will be distributed to children and schools in Africa through our Million Book Project

AidMatrix Partnership
Develop Africa was invited by AidMatrix to be one of the pilot organizations involved in the development of the a new project that will enable better coordination of aid, relief and other resources.  AidConnect is an interactive communication and information platform for development aid partnerships.
How You Can Help

This year, Develop Africa plans to ship a container of items to Africa, containing children's book, medical book (for a medical library) and computers for schools / youth groups. 

We need additional funds to cover shipping and distribution costs.  You can help make this happen by making a one time donation towards this. Please donate towards this today.

See other ways you can help



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