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* New Partnership: HomeGift
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* Amnesty International Students Group - Benefit Concert
*  New Partnership - The CAPEC
* UN Conference Spotlight: Need to Strengthen Knowledge Economies
* Develop Africa's Project Highlighted on 
* Summer Festivals: Meeting the Community at the Kuumba Festival
* Volunteer Acknowledgement


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Meeting the Community at Kuumba Festival:

 This summer a team from Develop Africa  had the opportunity to participate in the Kuumba Festival, an annual, local African arts and culture festival that takes place in Knoxville Tennessee.

Read more and see pictures...


Volunteer Acknowledgement:
We are deeply grateful for the assistance of the following volunteers who have been instrumental in assisting us with various projects.  These volunteers have invested their time and ability in furthering our mission:

-Jason Yamada-Hanff -Lee Adlowitz
-Megan Henry
-Re'Cole Cook
-Tarun Kapoor
-Ravinder Khurana
-Evon Butler



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Warm Greetings:

Welcome to Volume 2 Issue 3 of Develop Africa's Quarterly Newsletter.  Thanks for your continued interest and all you are doing toward development in Africa.    Together we are doing far more than any of us can do aloneTruly exciting days are ahead.  The best is yet to come!  Here's an update on developments and progress.
Promise of Hope Scholarship Update: Kenya
Go Kenya!   Kenya Scholarship Launch: September 2007:  Promise of Hope Scholarship
Two students were selected to be recipients of this scholarship in Kenya.  Investing in people and empowering them is an important part of Develop Africa's  mission.

Through your continued support, these students have received financial assistance to continue their education.  Thank you partners for investing in their future!

Below is a message / email quote from our Coordinator in Kenya: 
"Thanks for your efforts towards the scholarship recipient families.  They are really grateful for your love and concern.  They had really longed for such kind of opportunity, but God has used you to save them from hopelessness".  

We would like to sponsor additional deserving children and would appreciate your support.  Please join us in making a permanent investment into the future on Africa’s leaders. 

Donate now towards our promise of hope scholarship.
Read more about the scholarship launch and see pictures

New Partnership: HomeGift

  Now you could save thousands on real estate commissions and get a tax deduction for supporting Develop Africa as part of Develop Africa’s new HomeGift Rewards Program.  This is another unique way that you can continue to contribute to change in Africa.

The HomeGift Rewards Program is being offered by Develop Africa in partnership with HomeGift Realty, Inc., a national real estate company which helps turn the real estate transaction into an opportunity to save money and give to charity.  HomeGift operates cost-saving real estate membership programs for many non-profits, including Habitat for Humanity, several PBS stations and other charitable organizations. 

The HomeGift Rewards program allows you - as a buyer or seller to use any agent, get a cash rebate on commissions and get a tax deduction for any amount of the rebate you choose to donate to Develop Africa.  Agents also win by getting connected to Develop Africa's supporters who are buying and selling homes and making a difference through their partnership with Develop Africa .

All you have to do is register for the program before you hire an agent.   You'll save money and help Develop Africa in a very significant way.  To learn more, visit or  ... or call the HomeGift Rewards program at (800) 966-0612.  Agents may enroll for the program at .


Newletter Feedback - Your Mail:

News Letter Reader Feedback: Below is an email comment sent to Develop Africa

"The Pencil Project brings to mind the young people in Kenya from many years ago who wanted our pens and pencils---I had gone armed with extras. I was down to just one pen when I dropped it in an unsavory puddle of water. Being without a writing instrument was very inconvenient for the rest of the trip. Something so simple we take for granted. I just recommended to the mother of a student who is going to Africa this summer to take pens and pencils with him for gifts."

Sent by Janet F, Tennessee, USA

Read more about and participate in the Pencil Project


One Million Books Update 

A shipment of books recently arrived in Sierra Leone.  This will be distributed shortly.  An update on this with distribution photos will be available in the next newsletter.  The nest newsletter will also include an update on books sent to Kenya


Amnesty International Student Group Holds Benefit Concert

Amnesty International Students Group at ETSU: Last year (2006), a team from Develop Africa had the opportunity to participate in an evening social with members of the student group of Amnesty International at East Tennessee State University.  This year, as a follow up to that meeting, the group decided to hold a benefit concert for Develop Africa.  Thank you Amnesty International for joining us in making a difference.

Read more and view photos of the event.


New Partnership: Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC)

Develop Africa recently started a new partnership with Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) a non-profit organization based in Cameroon.  We commend them for the fine work they are doing.  Together we will impact and empower many more lives.

UN Conference Spotlight: Need to Strengthen Knowledge Economies

The current divide between developed and developing countries in terms of access to and use of ICT calls for immediate action.

The session focused on the opportunities that information and communication technologies (ICT) can provide for economic development, and on how to overcome the problems encountered by developing countries in trying to reap the benefits of ICT. The possibility of leapfrogging directly to new generations of information technologies provides a unique opportunity to catch up with leaders in the field.

Read more about ICT and this conference...

See pictures of a training session Develop Africa has held

Donate now towards upcoming training sessions


Develop Africa's Project Highlighted on 

Develop Africa's commitment to and involvement in ICT has been acknowledged by Universal Giving:  Visit and you will see the picture below on Universal Giving's Home Page.  This picture was taken during a training session in Sierra Leone offered by Develop Africa at iEARN.  Through your on-going support, we continue to empower youths in Africa.
Computer Training
If this featured item on the UN Conference and the need to strengthen  knowledge economies is no longer available on Universal Giving's home page, proceed to the news page ... or you can see what the home page looked like at the time this newsletter was composed by viewing these pdf files:


Thanks for reading and for your continued support! Without you - all this and more would not be possible. With you, this is happening. Together we are changing lives, destinies and nations. The future is now!

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