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- One Million Books for Africa
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» Two New Faces: Introduction  to New Board  Member and Coordinator
» Summer Festivals: Meeting People
» Volunteer Acknowledgement
» 2006 Annual Report is now available


Introduction to New Board Member:
Develop Africa welcomes our new Board Member, Professor Henry Antkiewicz.  Henry is currently a Professor of History at East Tennessee State University.  He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanganyika (Tanzania), 1963-65.  He is truly an "international expert".




Summer Festivals
Every year, there are a couple festivals local to Tennessee (where Develop Africa is headquartered) that focus on African / African-American culture.  This year Develop Africa will be hosting a booth at the following 2 festivals:

1.  Kuumba Festival (Knoxville, TN - end June 2007)

2.  Umoja Festival (Johnson City, TN - August 2007)

Pictures will be posted on the website in due course.



Introduction to New Coordinator:
Develop Africa welcomes our new Kenya Coordinator, Levi Naholi. He is currently a computer technician at Focusnet Limited.




Contact Us:
Got questions, suggestions on what  we can do better?

Like to get involved?

Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!



Warm Greetings:

Welcome to Volume 2 Issue 2 of Develop Africa's Quarterly Newsletter.  As always we thank you for your continued interest in and contribution to development work in Africa. Together we are doing far more than any of us can do aloneThe best is yet to come!  Here's a quick update on developments and progress.


New Partnership: The Pencil Project

Develop Africa recently entered a new partnership with The Pencil Project.  This group focuses on helping to provide the necessary tools - pencils - that are widely used in schools in Africa.  Pencils are seeming small and insignificant, yet they play a vital role in the learning process.  Children have an on-going demand for them in their educational process. 

Develop Africa agrees with the Pencil Project that it is essential that "all the world's children have access to the tools they need".  The Pencil Project has linking up Develop Africa with schools interested in sending pencils to schools in Africa.  Together with the Pencil Project, we are continuing to empower the education and development of Africans in diverse ways.

Should you be interested in gathering and sending pencils (or other vitally needed school supplies), please let us know... Yes you can help.


Support Groups - for schools, colleges and everyone really:

Develop Africa continues to receive emails regularly from schools that are interested in getting involved in different ways and in helping us contribute to development in Africa.  With this in mind Develop Africa have launched and made available the option of establishing "Support Groups".   Support groups can work with us in raising funds and promoting awareness about issues in Africa.   

Requirements:  All you need is a bit of spare time, plenty of enthusiasm, a little bit of sugar (momentum) and a desire to make a change in Africa! Read more...


Connecting Through Social Networks

MySpace and other social network sites aren't just for kids, teenagers and college students! We are on your favorite social network.  We're developing our presence and we're making friends. Please visit our pages and friend us or join us, if you have an account. If you don't have an account and really want to help, you can always sign up and be our friend / join our online group. Help us get the word out.

Note: work on these sites is still in progress:

The full list will be available here:  This list will be continually updated in the coming months.  Got a suggestion of a site we should be on, let us know...

Many thanks to our volunteer ReCole Cook for working on these pages.


Board Member Spotlight:

Janet Tucker, one of our Board Members, has spent some time at the United Nations (UN) in New York as part of a team from Sierra Leone - at the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women:

Keep us the good work, Janet!  Kudos is due her for her excellent work.


Volunteer Acknowledgement

We would like to specifically acknowledge the involvement and support of the following volunteers who have assisted us with various projects.
- Tarun Kapoor
- Megan Henry
- Brandon and Barbara Holbrook
- ReCole Cook
- Matt Saul
- Lindsey LaPlant and the Elementary School children of Montessori Children's House, in Madison, Wisconsin


Million Book and Dime Project:
Connecting Students:  Life is about relationships and many people in the developed world are looking for creative ways to make a difference and contribute to enriching the lives of people in Africa.  The children of an exemplary school in Wisconsin approached Develop Africa about making a difference - in their own unique and special way. 

They created special, custom books to share beautiful snow creations and experiences with students that may not have the opportunity to experience a winter with snow.  Read more and see class picture

Book Drive Update: A book drive was conducted at a high school in Bristol. About 300 books were collected at this book drive. 


Annual Report (January to December 2006)

Develop Africa's Annual Report is now available on our website.  The report gives and good overview and summary of the organization's activities in 2006.  With your involvement, all this has been possible.    Read Report in PDF format

Thanks for reading and for your continued support! Without you - all this and more would not be possible. With you, this is happening. Together we are changing lives, destinies and nations. The future is now!

We encourage you to forward / share this email with your co-workers, friends, family etc.

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