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Meet David

A couple years ago, during a visit to Sierra Leone, I had the opportunity to meet David - one of the children in Develop Africa's Sponsorship program. David looked at me shyly, with eyes full of potential.  As I once was shy myself, I understood his personality and he caught my attention.  I chatted with him and got to know some more about him.

I learned that David  was born on February 11, 1999, in an obscure village in Bo District in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. David has four sisters and two brothers who are currently not attending school. David's father is a subsistence farmer in a remote village who cannot afford to take care of and send his children to school. David lives with a non-relative in Bo who consented to take care of him. David loves school and would like to be a teacher in the future.



Child sponsorship is one of the best ways to impact the life of a specific person in Africa through relationship building!

Develop Africa started supporting David when he was in class 3 and he is now in class 6, preparing for the National Primary School Examination, which will take him to secondary school. Without the support of Develop Africa, David like his siblings, would not have been able to go to school. 

We are deeply grateful to the support of our many donors that have made it possible for us to support David and hundreds of other children. Thanks to your support, David is going to school, realizing his dream and will become a useful citizen in the near future.

What we are doing together is truly life-transforming as we are enabling a different future for the lives of these precious children!  

Children Looking For Sponsorship:  We have over two hundred children, including David that are currently looking for a sponsor. Could you sponsor David or one of the other children today? Your support will make the priceless difference between a child going or not going to school.  

In return, you will communicate with learn a lot about your sponsored child.  You will also achieve significance - the feel-good feeling of making an indelible impact in the life of a specific child and family!  Please choose and sponsor a child today!

Thanks for your support!  


Save The Date - Tuesday December 3rd:

Have you heard about #GivingTuesday?  It's the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday.


Why should you save the date?  As a YouthSpark Microsoft partner, Develop Africa will be participating in Microsoft's #GivingTuesday matching campaign!  There will be $250,000 matching funds available from Microsoft on December 3rd.  This is a great opportunity as it super-sizes and doubles your donations - enabling us to together do so much more!

We would love for you to help us secure some of those matching funds - which run out real quick. 

So please save the date - more details soon. 


Promoting the Culture of Reading and Developing Leadership

Develop Africa strongly believes that education is one of the keys to lasting transformation. Develop Africa promotes making a lasting impact and influence in the educational and reading culture of Africa.

In collaboration with its staff, Develop Africa recently published four illustrated children's textbooks on Leadership and Character-Building in English and now in Swahili. These children books will be adopted as textbooks in schools in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya in January 2014. The books are also available for sale in English worldwide at Amazon.com and Audible.com. 

This is a great opportunity to help promote reading and leadership lessons at the same time.  

Read more about the books...

Children's Leadership Books Published


If you are interested in helping us place these books in the hands of children / in schools in Africa, please contact us.  Your support can help us get this into more schools, cover the printing distribution costs etc.  You could for instance sponsor a classroom or an entire school.  Thanks for your support!

Thanks for reading this news update.  We tremendously value your support and involvement.  If you ever have a suggestion on how we can work together further - feel free to contact us.  

With appreciation,

Sylvester and the Develop Africa team