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"The thinking of a leader is what separates him or her form the followers. I have found that true leaders are distinguished by a unique mental attitude that emanates from an internalized discovery of self, which creates a strong, positive and confident self-concept and self worth. I call this unique mental attitude the spirit of leadership."  Dr. Myles Munroe

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Develop Africa  facilitates a dynamic Leadership Development program which is geared towards mentoring, coaching and training young men and women in Africa. Our leadership program also caters for children and for business and micro entrepreneurs.  Recently Develop Africa launched two new  Girls Leadership Mentoring Programs in Freetown, Sierra Leone (West Africa)  and Kisii, Kenya (East Africa). We anticipate that more leadership programs will be launched in several other African nations in the upcoming years. 

Develop Africa’s Girls Leadership Mentoring program was birthed out of the desire to fully equip  young gifted girls with the necessary skills, tools and mindset for the release of their God-given purpose and potential. Birthed out of the realization that mentoring is a key ingredient for depositing and sustaining leadership seeds, this program is aimed at nurturing, training and equipping young girls to be skillfully equipped to compete, succeed and thrive locally, regionally and globally. Another goal of the mentoring program is to empower mentees to become pioneers in their field enabling them to serve their generation.  To learn more about our dynamic Girls Leadership Program's activities, initiatives, trainings, conferences and awards click on this link.  To invest or make a donation to this program click here.

In addition to our Girls Leadership Mentoring program we do offer leadership training for youths, college age students and micro entrepreneurs. See below our time-test and proven leadership framework see below. You are also invited to  invest in this program by donating, investing or simply supporting us. 

The Need

Leadership development is currently a very high priority for capacity building in Africa. As suggested by Chiku Malunga (2006) a plethora of leadership development initiatives and programs are largely imported from other countries and tend to have only limited application to the specific African contexts and cultures in which they operate.

Our Response 

Develop Africa has responded to this need and seeks to promote leadership development initiatives and programs through an innovative and creative indigenous/ African leadership development strategy. Develop Africa believes that African leadership development initiatives and programs should be tailored with a customized approach in sync with the African cultural heritage. Therefore we have approached Leadership Development programs and training from the following foundational premises.

Our Approach

Our approach is multidimensional and holistic in nature.  Through personal knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the African psych, the team at Develop Africa Inc translate key principles of leadership that are already within the context of the African mindset converting it to leadership development models and concepts.

Develop Africa Inc’s approach can be summarized as follows –

Multi-Dimensional and Holistic
• Emphasis on multi-dimensional learning, not teaching
• Multi-sectoral,  multi-cultural
• Learning by experiencing & interacting

• Emphasis on the “art and strategy of creating possibilities”
• Utilizations of context–specific resources
• Combination of “old and new “ wisdom and paradigms to create new possibilities

Creative Practitioner
• Emphasis on action research
• Cultivation of renaissance of mental thinking in develop leadership capacity

Skills Based
• Acquisition of problem solving skills
• Refinery of scenario based skills
• Emphasis on decision making models

Result- oriented
• Emphasis on long-term sustainable deliverables
• Outcome based assessment
•  Emphasis on in–built follow up mechanisms


Our Strategy

Our strategy emphasizes the importance of leadership capacity building with particular reference to African cultural context and combines the old and the new to create a unique approach to leadership development.   In addition to skills acquisition we utilize a key element of the Africa cultural heritage story telling techniques to pass on lessons of leadership development through Africa proverbs, folklores and wise sayings. 

Our Programs

Our programs offer a wide variety of leadership development aspects are designed to accelerate leadership abilities and effectiveness through a distinct interdisciplinary approach that encompasses psychology, sociology, theology, organization theory and other allied disciplines.

Our interventions are designed to facilitate development processes in individuals and organizations, rather than providing expert solutions or "quick fixes" to problems. Our style of facilitation is participative with action learning as its central methodology. Action learning is the process of consciously learning from one’s own experience / actions and those of others in order to improve future practice.  In each process we facilitate, we regard each participant as a unique individual, in a unique process of growth and development.

Our Workshops, Training and Seminars

We conduct (2-3) day program /workshop open to civic leaders, political leaders, journalists, youth, teachers and educators, leaders of NGO, grass root groups, church leaders, and entrepreneurs from the private sector.  We are currently focusing our leadership development initiatives in Kenya, Cameroon and Sierra Leone. We regard each workshop and individual participant as unique and therefore tailor our interventions to suite our client's needs. We also conduct follow up programs to assess training and deliverables.

Workshop / Training / Seminar Samples (pdf)


Training session African Leaders and Entrepreuners

The Expected Outcomes

• Development of holistic indigenous leaders and entrepreneurs
• Promotion of self-discovery of indigenous leadership traits and capacity building
• Refinement and development of innovative leadership skills
• Action Research: The Go and Do” ultimatum (deploying leaders back to their vocation to make a difference)

How you can become a Part of the Team

We welcome your suggestions, participation or input with these programs. We are open to partnership and collaborative ventures from organizations interested in delivering leadership development initiatives, training and programs in Africa. Please contact us

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