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» Birth of  Nation - South Sudan
» Trip Report - Visit to Door of Hope


Celebrate a Special Occasion with Causes Wishes


What Computer Skills Means to Hannah: Video Testimony


Ever Consider Writing?  Here's Your Opportunity...


It's time to Sponsor a Child

» Vision 2011 - How You Can Help








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Warm greetings.  Highlighted in this newsletter are several topics...  Project Visit to Door of Hope organization, Sierra Leone, Causes Wishes on / Facebook, Hannah's testimony about computer training, our recently launched blog, and the re-launch of our Child Sponsorship Program.

The Birth of a Nation - South Sudan:
Just a few weeks ago, the world had the opportunity to finally observe, through online media, newspapers, TV etc, the birth of South Sudan.  While this movement is not new and well overdue, it syncs well with the current increasing movement of people groups towards a new destiny - politically, economically and otherwise. 

South Sudan rejoices

Their independence came at a huge price. They have significant challenges ahead.  As the article puts it:

"The price at which independence was won is too high for the gains to be squandered by poor management of the new state.

Yet this is also a moment of celebration for the people of the South and others further afield who value the concept of justice and equality."

With the increased dissemination of information and use of the Internet, this trend is sure to continue in different dimensions.  We anticipate that as citizens of different nations, locally and scattered worldwide realize that the destiny of their nations is in their hands, they will collectively rise and steer their nations to a better future.  The consciousness is rising - "no more excuses", other nations are doing better" and "there is something we can do about this". 

We encourage the leaders of South Sudan to do their utmost to ensure consistent growth.  Success to you South Sudan and all nations of Africa as you pursue your destiny!

Trip Report - Door of Hope - An Exemplary and Growing Organization

This section provides an additional update on a project trip made by Sylvester and Phillip in May this year.  An important highlight of the trip was the visit to the Door of Hope organization, in Wellington, a suburb of Freetown.  In 2010, working with Door of Hope, Develop Africa started a partnership with an exemplary organization - SeeYourImpact.  Through this partnership, through the SeeYourImpact website, each donor receives a beneficiary impact story for each donation - such as a mosquito net, a set of uniforms, a scholarship, a sewing kit etc.  Through this partnership hundreds of beneficiaries have received assistance.

Dooir of Hope children

Door of Hope is led by a fine young man called Joshua Sandy, a former school teacher.  Joshua’s passion and commitment to helping his community was clearly manifested during our visit.  We were very warmly received and there was a big turnout of beneficiaries (View Flickr photos @ Door of Hope).  The entire community was very friendly and gracious.  It was great to recognize and meet some of the people that I had previously seen in photos that Joshua had emailed / provided.  Their passion for making the best of their resources and abilities was very touching and inspiring.  Many of them gave brief personal thank you messages – expressing how appreciative they were of the support provided by SeeYourImpact and Develop Africa. 

During the trip, Phillip spent time training Joshua on how to capture and edit videos – using equipment that we took and left in Freetown for field use.  While we were there, Joshua recorded a special video for SeeYourImpact which was featured in a Huffington Post article

One of the greatest needs facing the organization currently is the need to construct classroom space to be used by tailoring trainees.  If you would like to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to provide additional photos and information. 

View Flickr photos @ Door of Hope

Read Article and watch video on Huffington Post

Donors - you are family - see video on Youtube

More Trip Information: In future newsletters, we will continue to provide additional trip  details.

Celebrate a Special Occasion with Causes Wishes 

Do you have a birthday coming up, an anniversary, or some other special occasion? This year why not make this an opportunity to raise money for your favorite non-profit organization. (We’re hoping that’s us.)

To start your “Wish” page, simply go to , select the type of Wish page you want to create, and click “Create a Wish.” All you need is an email account and a wish - and you have both. Thanks for you support.

 What Computer Skills Means to Hannah: a Testimony 

Hannah was one of thirteen young adults to receive basic computer training last year. In this video she testifies that the computer skills and training are give her a bright future



Blog Launched.  Ever Consider Writing or Looking for An (Additional) Place to Publish Articles?

Whee...  Blast off!

We have finally launched our blog.  We hope to publish at least one article a week - increasing gradually as authors submit more articles.

Got writing talent or looking for another publishing platform?  It's time to spread out those wings and launch out - further.  We would love for you to blog with us. If you are interested in writing articles for our recently launched blog, please fill out our blog author application form.

I love blogging


It's Here - Your Opportunity to Sponsor a Child 

Many African children can use some on-going support as they find their place and purpose in the world, even their next meal.  You can provide that support: food, vitamins, and an education. The child you sponsor will have the building blocks to become a happy, healthy member of society. Read more...

Sponsor Adama or another child today

Vision 2011: Expanding Our Impact, Investing in Lives

Thanks again for helping make all this and more happen!  We deeply appreciate you members of the Develop Africa family (all who love and care for people in Africa).

Here's how we can do more together:

Commit to donating monthly:  This would help us significantly.  Please consider signing up for a monthly or quarterly recurring donation of $10, $25, $50 or more.  



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