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» Greetings - Happy Mother's Day... and We See Endless Possibilities
» Sewing Machines and Computers Provided to Global Harvest College, the Gambia
» A New Roof, A New Day - Thanks For Your Support


Having Difficulty Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift for Mom?
» "Why I'm Optimistic About West Africa": An excerpt from Jennifer Buffett’s article in the Huffington Post
» Take The Challenge - Donate $10 Each Month and Save One Individual From The Threat of Malaria
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Warm greetings

Happy Mother's Day!
Worldwide, Mother's day is celebrated on different days.  It is one of the most recognized days and its importance cannot be overemphasized.  The essential process of raising children in many cultures rests squarely (and sometimes solely) on the mother.  We all have in many ways been impacted by our mothers and we owe them a debt of gratitude. 


Regardless of when Mother's day is celebrated in your corner of the globe (or if not at all), we pause to acknowledge you - our Mothers - worldwide.  We celebrate you and will forever be grateful for the role you played in our lives.  To all Mothers we wish you strength and wisdom as you train and raise up your child(ren).  Thank you so much.

Together with Jennifer Buffet (article link below), we believe in and are optimistic about not just West Africa - but the entire Africa.  We see endless possibilities.  We see a future where Africa is empowered, successful and has risen to take its place.  We see an Africa with all its potential - human, natural etc. - fully developed and tapped.

The newsletter below provides a brief update about how we are making an impact and how you can help further. Thank for reading and your support.

Featured Story: Sewing Machines and Computers Provided to Global Harvest College, the Gambia

Recently we partnered up with GHC, and through funds received from Chase we helped the college purchase sewing machines and computers. Check out the introductory YouTube video:

To share a little about the College: Ten years after they opened their doors, the Skills Center (now the Global Harvest College) continues to welcome those who wish to further their education. On March 20, 2011 a new semester began with student orientation, conducted by the CEO and the College Manager.

global harvest college
By the time students graduate from GHC, they will have completed core courses for their general education, courses such as Adult Literacy and Numeracy. In addition, they will have acquired a life skill of their choosing. Among their choices are tailoring and computer technology.

A New Roof, A New Day - Thanks For Your Support

If you remember, a little over a month ago a storm blew through and tore the roof off of the CAPEC school, a school we have helped support for some time now.

CAPEC New Roof

During the last month, donors have responded to the crisis in an amazing way. The CAPEC school now has a brand new roof, and continues its mission to advance the education of over 100 students.

Having Difficulty Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift for Mom?

We suggest donating a bag of rice to a family in need. In the following stories you’ll meet a couple of mothers to whom, you can tell from the smiles on their faces, a bag of rice makes all the difference in the world.  Through the SeeYourImpact website, you will receive a story of a specifc family recipient that you can share with your mother. 

Full Bellies and Warm Hearts for the Kanu Family!
KANU FAMILYThe Kanu family has six immediate members-Aminata, her husband and their four children.  However, the Kanus have opened their home to relatives who are far less fortunate.  Her husband tries to provide for everyone on a monthly salary of only $70, but this extended family lives without running water and other basic necessities.

The bag of rice donated means so much to the Kanu family. Not only will their bellies be filled, but their hearts will be warmed knowing that you care.  The Kanu family expresses their sincerest thanks!


Mabinty and Her Family Sleep with Full Bellies!

Mabinty and her family live in a two bedroom zinc sheet home with no running water or electricity. Mabinty, the matriarch of the family, was forced to become a single mother and raise her four children alone, after her husband abandoned the family several months ago.  Mabinty and familyShe does the best she can to meet her family’s needs, but it is a daily struggle for Mabinty, who earns only $50 each month.

The 80 kg bag of rice means that this family now goes to bed without empty bellies. Mabinty is so grateful for the timely donation and sends thanks and blessings.

"Why I'm Optimistic About West Africa": An excerpt from Jennifer Buffett’s article in the Huffington Post

shining africa"I believe in a simple, bold idea: Women and girls have the power to lead their countries away from war to peace and prosperity. As I walked around the pock-marked, uneven roads of Monrovia, Liberia recently, I spoke with one powerful woman who reaffirmed my faith in this vision. Marian Rogers is a social worker with the International Rescue Committee who has dedicated her life to unlocking the potential of Liberia's most vulnerable girls and women.

Marian is an example of the determination, resilience and strength that she seeks to inspire in others. After the tragic death of her parents when she was just 21, she single-handedly raised her five siblings while putting herself through school. Having overcome enormous odds, Marian is now working to tip the scales in favor of girls across her country. When she looks at a girl, she sees endless possibilities. As she told me recently, "that girl's hands increase the growth of every community. If we all try to protect the rights of women and girls...the world will be a better place, free from violence."

Read full article here -

Take The Challenge - Donate $10 Each Month and Save One Individual From The Threat of Malaria

Did you know that for only $10 per month - the cost of 1-2 lunch sandwiches - Develop Africa can provide a treated mosquito net in Sierra Leone?

As you may know Malaria is still a deadly disease in Africa.  Every 45 seconds, a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection ... Malaria kills. But it can be prevented.  The nets that we are providing have proven to be very effective - but we need your help.

By signing up for a recurring donation now, you can help us get an additional $1,500 through GlobalGiving's Recurring Donation Campaign!  We need at least ten new recurring donations before the end of the day Friday, May 20 EDT in order to be eligible for additional grants between $500 and $1500.

Sign up for a recurring donation here - .  Be sure to click on the "monthly recurring" option below the large orange "donate" button.  You can read instructions for setting up a recurring donation here .

Thanks for helping make all this and more happen!  We deeply appreciate all friends, volunteers, donors and workers that are helping make change happen in Africa.

Happy Mother's Day to all our Mothers and Sisters worldwide. 

With the best of wishes
Sylvester Renner and the Develop Africa Team