Sponsor Learning at the Computer Lab - Help Provide Computer Training

Meet Salamatu - the girl pictured below.  Her mother is deceased and she has never met her father.  She came to Freetown from upcountry to trace her sister, but since she did not have much information about her sister, she could not trace her.  She got lost in the process and after an unfortunate incident she was rescued by FAWE.  She is staying with an ex-FAWE employee who is currently unemployed. 

Your support will help provide computer education for girls like Salamatu. 

The power / electricity situation in Sierra Leone is currently unreliable and we cannot count on its availability.  For this lab to be optimally beneficial, we need to make it available for learning on an on-going basis.  We are currently in the process of raising support to purchase solar panels and equipment to power the lab - donations welcome.  Until we get this equipment in place, here are the costs for the lab - covering instruction, generator fuel and maintenance, lab supplies, etc.

Sponsorship Levels
1 hour $6 DonateNow 

fawe computer lab - girl learning
Day (8 hours) $48
Week (5 days)


Month - 4 weeks $960
Year (52 weeks) $12,480

Running this lab is an on-going project and we are inviting individuals, schools, organizations and businesses to partner with us. 

We welcome sponsors for an hour/ day / week / month or even a year.  This is a great project for an individual / business / organization / school or church group to undertake.  This is also an ideal way to dedicate your birthday, wedding anniversary or special occasion towards a great cause.  Individuals, regardless of age, can also raise support for this through a fundraising page.  You can create a Facebook page for this or simply contact all your friends, family members, co-workers, group members, etc. to support this drive.

By helping to provide instruction for Salamatu and girls like her, you will be helping to further their education, the future leaders on Sierra Leone.  Thanks for your support!

Sponsorship Recognition:  In appreciation for your sponsorship of one day or more, we will:

  • Provide a signed certificate showing your sponsorship.
  • Provide you with a tour of the lab and the school.  This is available with a sponsorship of a year or more.  (We will pick you up from your residence / hotel in Freetown and take you to the school - where you will have the opportunity to meet girls at the school, tour classes, learn geography using one of the computers, etc.).  We will present you with DVDs covering a video and photos of your visit - which we will also add to our website.