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Make a Dream Come True, Change a Child's Life
Join Develop Africa and individuals all over the world as we bring love, hope, compassion and justice to the deserving children in Africa. Sponsors play an integral part of our program of helping children. As a child sponsor, you can help these children experience the fullness of life and potential that they have and help save a child from a life of poverty!
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Bill Clinton says must 'do whatever it takes' to fight Ebola  
Photo from News Republic

New initiatives from the United States, Britain, France and other countries to help fight Ebola marked a "good beginning," former President Bill Clinton said.  He added that the world will need to do more.


Since the current outbreak was first detected in March, Ebola has infected at least 5,357 people, according to the World Health Organization, mostly in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. It has also spread to Senegal and Nigeria. The virus has killed an estimated 2,630 peopleRead more... 


Hello Sylvester,


Hope you are doing well.

Ebola is unfortunately in the news every day now - globally. Recent happenings have prompted nations everywhere to pay close attention and "do something".  

Actions reflecting self protection and self-preservation are understandable - almost predictable.  Given that we live in a global village, it makes sense today, more than ever before, for us to be our "brother's keeper".  We must all extend ourselves and help to solve the crisis at the source, in Africa.  

In the words of Bill Clinton, the former President of the US, we must "do whatever it takes to contain the epidemic". We need "all hands on deck".

Today's question:

What have you done so far to help to fight Ebola - or what are you planning to do to fight Ebola?



Develop Africa Volunteer Nurse Passes Away from Ebola  
We regret to inform you about the passing away of a few members of the Door of Hope / Develop Africa Community, in Wellington, Sierra Leone. Ruth, a nurse (pictured below), contracted Ebola at work and passed away several days ago. She contracted the virus while trying to help a fellow worker in the hospital who was sick. She did not know that this sick worker had contracted the Ebola virus. A test for Ebola was done but the results came after she had already made an effort to save her colleague's life. 


Her husband and her sister (living in same house) have also passed away from Ebola. Her oldest daughter is currently still in the hospital undergoing Ebola treatment. No one else outside her home has contracted Ebola through her. 

Ruth was actively involved in our Ebola sensitization campaigns held in September. She was completely healthy with no symptoms when she was involved in DA's campaigns. 

We are currently helping to take care of this orphaned family - consisting of 5 children (3 of who are extended family / children). They are thankfully all in good health. Two of the children (Dorcas and Emmanuel) are available for sponsorship. As an organization, we have been providing food and moral support. 


There have been a total of 15 deaths in the general community over the past month. The people in the community are in a state of extreme fear as people very close to them are losing their lives to Ebola.


Per Joshua, the Director of Door of Hope: "The aftermath of this epidemic would be massive. Bread winners have been cut off from families. Children and dependent relatives are afraid of the future. Ruth was the main provider of her marital home and also for her relatives living in the Kono District in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. We need your prayers and assistance to help get rid of Ebola and afterwards support people affected to live a good life."

The work we are doing is more relevant and important than ever before. Ebola is real. It has personally touched us and we have experienced it.


Our deepest condolences go to all the family members in the community.




   "Small things become great when done with love"
-Mother Theresa  

Microfinance: A Great Alternative to Traditional Aid  

Microfinance is a viable alternative to the existing method of foreign aid because funds bypass the web of governmental bureaucracy and is placed into the hands of those who need it most: the average person.
Microfinance loans offer an opportunity to equip individuals with money management skills that are applicable to his or her situation. As the investment begins expanding, more individuals within the community will learn responsible money management skills.  In time, the microfinance loan will enable children to obtain an education, progress, and become the next leaders of their nations.  Read more... 
Microfinance Funds Help Grow Business of Woman-Owned Small Business in Sierra Leone
Microfinance Funds Help Grow Business of Woman-Owned Small Business in Sierra Leone



Alfred is Receiving Computer Training - Thanks to Your Support  



Alfred is a teacher-in-training who volunteers at the Door of Hope After School Program, rendering service to children in the Wellington community environs. He is enthusiastic about giving back to the children in the community and is a great leader.  


Thanks to YOU, we have come a very long way! With YOUR generous support, very soon hundreds of children and youth in the community can benefit from the opportunity to train at the computer lab.  Their dreams of becoming computer literate will soon be a reality.  Read more...



With deep gratitude for your support and partnership, 
Sylvester and the Develop Africa team