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"No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." (Edmund Burke)


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Life's most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?
Martin Luther King, Jr





christmas bellsWarm greetings. Trust that this has been a good year for you. 

On behalf of the Board I would like to wish you "Seasons Greetings" and "Merry Christmas".  View our electronic Holiday Card.

This year, Develop Africa has had the opportunity to impact many lives particularly in the area of education.  We also gained permanent access to fundraising on GlobalGiving, a global platform. 

DA also continues to be an example and an inspiration to many other organizations.  If for nothing else, for this we are thankful.  We wish all other organizations out there great success as we help rebuild Africa.

All this would not be possible without your volunteer support, suggestions, comments, financial support and encouragement.  Thanks for taking the time to care.  We're listening... and we appreciate you.

The world is at a crucial crossroads and Africa is getting more and more airtime and attention these days. From the political scene to the social scene and beyond, Africa will continue to be in the news as the Third World rises to increasing influence.  Sure, there are many challenges to overcome and mountains to cross... but Africa will continue to progress and make an increasing mark on history that cannot be ignored.  Its Africa's time, turn and Africa is taking its place.

What an opportunity we have - to help support and shape future leaders!  Thank you for joining us in investing into the future leaders of not just African nations, but the World.

Develop Africa Featured in Local TV Interview

Interview imageIn December 2008, Sylvester Renner, the President of Develop Africa, had the unique opportunity of doing an interview for local TV News Channel 11 - WJHL in Johnson City, Tennessee. During the interview, Sylvester explains his motivation for starting the organization - a passion to do his own part - to make a difference.

Read more... watch Interview...

Develop Africa Boosts Education in Africa

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela.

Develop Africa on Thursday 6th November 2008, provided scholarships and school materials to children and schools in Sierra Leone. The donated items included text books, note books, crayons, rulers, colored pencils, pens, markers and other important learning materials.
BeneficiariesThe Head Teacher of one of the schools the UMC Primary School, Dwarzark, Rev. Nancy Showers, thanked Develop Africa for such a great gesture. "I am very grateful to Develop Africa for thinking of developing education in this country. I also hope that they will continue with such as this will help immensely in the development of education in Sierra Leone," she added.

The presentation to several schools was covered in a local newspaper.  For a link to the newspaper article, more information and some pictures, please read more here.

Thank you all for helping making this happen!

GlobalGiving Campaign - Success

In November, Develop Africa successfully participated in a special campaign with GlobalGiving.  As a result, Develop Africa now has permanent access to raise funds on GlobalGiving.  Thanks to all the volunteers, helpers and all who gave time and money towards this campaign.

Are you on Facebook?  Please join our group.  Help us spread the word and expand our impact...


New Website Focusing on Scholarships

One of the first and key areas that Develop Africa got involved in is promoting education through the provision of scholarships. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa.

The Promise of Hope Scholarship was established to address the social and economic needs of less privileged and gifted children who are not able to continue their schooling because of finances. The benefits are long-term as it helps them escape from poverty.
In order to further promote this area, Develop Africa has launched a special web site focusing on scholarships. As part of this initiative, Develop Africa has teamed up with Tiffany Jung, who shares a similar passion to promote education in Africa.   During the summer of 2007, Tiffany spent almost three months in Gambia, West Africa. The experience, working at the grassroots level, helped her to understand the African Diaspora. Read more - visit the website -  We invite you to join us in empowering the next generation.  These illumined and transformed lives will never be the same.  They are our future leaders.

Sending Books to Africa - Mr. K's Bookstore

Develop Africa regularly gets children's books from Mr. K.s Used Books, Music and More - in Johnson City, TN.  The management of this store have been kind enough to also place a donation box at their shop counter - where shoppers can donate towards shipping costs. 

We salute them for their passion in action!  If you would like to do likewise, please contact us.

Your Mail - Quotes From Email's Received:
Below are a couple quotes from emails we have

"Each year my daughter and husband ask that we take the money we would spend for their 2 little boys for Christmas gifts and donate it to a child who doesn't have much. Then, instead of their gift, get them a Christmas tree ornament and a card for their scrapbooks telling where the donation went to. They said they want to instill the real meaning of Christmas in them, so that has become a tradition." B.M.

"I sincerely value your website. The information you offer is very useful and may be equally valuable to our supporters. I commend you on your success and I hope to have as much authority and web presence as your site has in the near future." N.K.

African Business Portal - Help Develop a Site, Promote Business

Develop Africa is in the process of putting together a BusinessBusiness Portal Logo 1 Portal that will help networking business owners and investors both in Africa and outside Africa.  It is hoped that this resource will help to showcase the continent and provide connections and general information.

Get involved:

  • Take part in its development as a project manager, content contributor, developer
  • List your business
  • Donate towards expenses in putting together this site / Sponsor
  • Advertise your business on this site

 Sign up here....

New Vehicle Donation Website

Donate your vehicleEarlier this year, Develop Africa launched a special vehicle donation website.  This website makes it easy for individuals / businesses in America to donate their vehicles towards supporting Develop Africa's programs in Africa.  Vehicles accepted include cars, boats, RVs and motorcycles.  Donations through this site are managed by one of our partners.   

For more information, please visit  This site was put together with the help of one of our volunteers.  Special thanks for this site goes to Beccy H.

Closing Courtesies

As the year closes, we wish to say a final "thank you".  We appreciate you and all you are doing to make a difference.

Best wishes for a meaningful 2009.

Sylvester Renner