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Perspective - a World of Difference


 Interact Service Group - Where Everybody Gives a Little...


East Islip School District Students Give Back


Africa's Future Possibilities...


Graduation Congratulations


Choonimals Supports and Promotes Develop Africa at a Festival


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 Support Groups Involved in Books / School Supplies Drives...





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Perspective... A World of Difference

Welcome to Volume 3 Issue 2 (June 2008) of Develop Africa's Quarterly Newsletter.  As always we thank you for your continued interest in and contribution to development work in Africa.

History demands now more than ever that we all do our part to help empower the next generation and help bridge the gap.  We can write a new and better history for Africa. What may appear to relatively insignificant to one person, may mean the whole world or everything to another person. Such is perspective – a world of difference.  See below how groups in the US are impacting and making a world of difference for children and youths in Africa.

Interact Service Group - Where Everybody Gives a Little...

The Students of the Interact Service Club at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee GA decided to implement their motto / vision to help the children of Africa.  The motto of the Club is "Where everybody gives a little so the world receives a lot". 

Interact Sevice Group
Interact Students - Group Photo

They raised funds to do so by doing a car wash and selling Africa T-shirts during lunch.  The funds collected were then sent to Develop Africa to support children in Africa.  Read more...


East Islip School District Students Give Back

An exemplary school in Islip Terrace, New York, just completed their school supplies / pencil drive. Below is a brief summary of the experience - as narrated by Peter.

Interact Sevice Group

As a social studies teacher, I often have the opportunity to teach children and increase their awareness with regard to global issues. I truly believe that this is important, but I believe it is even more important to actually make an effort to change or impact the various issues and problems that our modern world faces. Part of my assignment that I gave my students, as a whole class, was to figure out a way that we could give back, or help to better the lives of those in need. That being said, my students discovered the Develop Africa organization on their own, and I jumped on board. I think it is great because by sending schools supplies, pencils, etc. we are empowering a new generation of children that can make an impact in their community and throughout the world.



Africa's Future Possibilities...

What kind of vision do you have for Africa?  What are the possibilities?  We would love to hear your vision and what you think is possible. 

Got bright, inspired ideas?  We would love to hear from you.   Please tell us and we will share your responses on our website

Graduation Congratulations

The team at Develop Africa wishes to congratulate Dr. George Naholi (Develop Africa Board Member) on recently completing his Ed.D degree and graduating from East Tennessee State University. 

We wish him the very best in all his endeavors!


Choonimals Supports and Promotes Develop Africa at a Festival

At the Bamboozle festival in New Jersey, 2008, the Choonimals Clothing Company Team donated a percentage of sales of their charity shirt to Develop Africa.  Additionally, the team helped to "spread the word" about what Develop Africa is doing.  They displayed and distributed Develop Africa brochures. 

Choonimals at festival

Thanks Choonimals for your exemplary support and service!

Read more and see pictures....

Buy a shirt today and support Develop Africa!


Develop Africa -  Quotes From Email's Received:
"Knowledge in computers in most rural schools in Ghana is a mirage. Children in most of these schools haven't seen a computer physically, they might have only read of them in books or seen their pictures in books." F.K.

"I am running an internet cafe in the township and now I want to do Basic Skills computer training course for my community and the rural area around our place. We are so behind to such an extent our people can get jobs because they are not computer literate. This is so much in demand but the big companies are not willing to inject money in this."  A.N.

"I am of the firm conviction that education is a key tool to empowerment and self development and advancement."   M.N.


African Business Portal - Help Develop a Site, Promote Business

Develop Africa is is the planning stages of developing an African Business Portal that will work towards networking business owners and investors both in Africa and outside Africa.  It is hoped that this resource will help to showcase the continent and provide connections and general information.

Get involved:

  • Take part in its development as a project manager, content contributor, developer
  • List your business
  • Donate towards expenses in putting together this site / Sponsor
  • Advertise your business on this site

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Support Groups Involved in Books / School Supplies Drives...
A number of groups are currently involved in / recently finished running drives - collecting books and school supplies.  Here's a partial list with links to some of the pictures / briefs...


Students from the Sauk Prairie High School organized a book drive to fulfill the requirements for personal service project as part of National Honor Society Activity.  Books from one of the drives have been sent to Kenya in partnership with SOAR Kenya.  Read more...


Project Spotlight - Promise of Hope Scholarship

The “Promise of Hope” Scholarship Program was established to provide assistance and increase educational opportunities and access to children and youths who lack the economic power to afford tuition fees and costs.

This scholarship award will be provided for more children this year and we invite you to join us in impacting a life.

Promise of Hope Recipients
Promise of Hope Scholarship Recipients


 It has been said that education is the gateway to....

  • Real opportunity, a brighter future, great things, a better life
  • Empowering women and children to secure their own financial futures
  • Equal access to information, opportunity, self-determination, and political and social empowerment
  • Success to all children, regardless of race, creed, nationality, religion and orientation
  • To a full and productive life
  • Economic opportunity and a reinvestment in one’s community

Help provide scholarships for deserving children