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Results of new study:
It is better to give than to receive:
"Regardless of how much income each person made those who spent money on others reported greater happiness, while those who spent more on themselves did not."

"Money can buy happiness — if you give it away".  "Those who spent cash on others felt cheerier than those who didn't."  Read more...
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Benefits of Giving


 The sense of peace and accomplishment that you get when you extend a helping hand is irreplaceable.   It’s intangible and out of this world.” 



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Warm Greetings:

Welcome to Volume 3, Issue 1 of Develop Africa's Quarterly Newsletter.  Trust your year is off to a great start. 

What difference do our efforts really make? 

As individuals and an organization, are we really making any difference?  We should periodically ask ourselves the following: "Does my involvement or investment into others truly matter?" Sometimes, our efforts may seem relatively insignificant.  Like the proverbial drop in the ocean...

Sometimes, the best evidence can be the stories or testimonies.  The change in a person's life and horizons are frequently undeniable...  The sponsored child can now continue their education.  The trained teenager / college graduate is now better equipped to find a job. The small business owner will now be able to expand his business and feed his family... and the list goes on.

Sharing a story... a changed life

Here's an "impact evidence" video on our newly created channel on Youtube that reminds us of how much our efforts are making a difference.  The student in this this video is expressing gratitude after receiving basic computer training  provided by Develop Africa.  This training covered an introduction to computers, word processing and spreadsheets.  As the student explains, many youths and college graduates do not have any computer skills that are a vital requirement for obtaining good jobs...

Watch Student Video


As we see in this video, our efforts are making a definite impact .  Our investments count.  This student's life and the changed life of each impacted person will never, ever be the same again!  Stop and think about this for a second.  We have the tremendous opportunity and power to transform lives

This is motivation to continue doing good.  We are making this world a better place...  bringing hope and making this world a whole lot better.  Little drops of water do make a mighty ocean...

On behalf of every changed life, "Thank You

Watch impact evidence video on

Join us in creating more stories / impacting more lives...


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Need a cool shirt?  Now you can buy one and support Develop Africa at the same time.  Develop Africa has entered into a partnership with Choonimals Clothing Company in Ohio (  Through this partnership, 20% of the profits from the sales of a designated charity shirt will be donated towards our projects. 

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Newsletter Feedback - Your Mail:

"I was very impressed with your website and coming from Tanzania and having worked there for many years in the Aids orphanage I have seen first hand problems which they face due to poor leadership". N.S. Birmingham, UK 


Promoting Leadership and Entreprenuerhsip Development

Develop Africa on Evan Carmichael Website is the #1 website in the world for small business motivation and strategies with over 260,000 regular monthly business owner readers. Founded by Evan an entrepreneur and international speaker the goal of is to give entrepreneurs the motivation to follow their passion and the strategies they need to succeed. recently created a new section devoted to Leadership tips and strategies for entrepreneurs and has invited Develop Africa to become part of its Leadership Development initiatives.  As a member of this network DA is profiled in this network and provides articles on leadership development and entrepreneurship especially as it relates to third world nations to its numerous readers.

To visit the website and preview some of our articles on leadership and entrepreneur strategies for third world nations go to:

To learn more about this network go to:

Introducing The 10 Plus Advantage Club... 

The 10 Plus Advantage Investment Club is a newly formed Club (launched in January 2008). It’s members commit to do the following:

1. Invest $10.00 monthly. This amount is considered to be an investment as it will help to develop lives in Africa. There will be a definite return on your investment in the form of impacted and changed lives. (Ten dollars monthly comes to just over 30 cents a day. Larger investment commitments are welcome).

2. Promote development in Africa however and wherever they can. This is an ideal way to do your own part to promote Africa and its development. 

Read more...                        


Book and School Supplies Away...

Develop Africa has shipped several drums of books and school supplies to Sierra Leone.  Books and school supplies were kindly donated by individuals, Mr. K.'s Book Store and A to Z School Supply (both offices in Johnson City, TN).   Several individuals have also donated towards shipping costs.  These books and school supplies will be distributed free to schools in Sierra Leone. 

Experts agree that reading contributes significantly to a child's development.  The school supplies will be used to facilitate classroom teaching / instruction.  Thank You for helping us foster the growth and development of children - the future leaders of Africa.

View drums of books and school supplies

Got children's books and school supplies you don't need?  Please send them to us - more information...

Help us ship more books


Take our Reader / Donor Survey

The team at Develop Africa has put together a brief survey covering your values, involvement, feedback etc.  We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill out this survey. It would help us better understand what is important to you and ways we can improve etc.

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Presenting Hope:

The future offers the possibility and hope of ending suffering as it was known in the 20th century.  The future of Africans can now be colorful and bright.  They no longer have to be locked in a vicious circle and “destined” to a dismal future of frustration and powerlessness.  They deserve hope and a much better life. 

Presenting Hope

Together we can change the face of Africa forever by investing in the development of lives in Africa.  We can together do more than ever before to end poverty in Africa and to eradicate preventable diseases and death.   Read more... 


Support Groups Involved in Books / School Supplies Drives...
A number of groups are currently involved in running drives - collecting books and school supplies.  Here's a partial list...


Project Spotlight - Child Sponsorship

Spotlight on Matthew: In his own words:
"...I live with my grandparents and I lost my father when I was very young. My grandparents are not gainfully employed and are not able to provide 2 full meals a day. I live in a mud house with no running water or electricity. My grandmother is a petty trader selling kerosene to enable me to have one meal per day.
Sponsor Matthew today
I go to school with the help of friends and neighbors. Your sponsorship would bring stability to my education and food on the table. I would be able to make progress towards becoming an accountant. Thank you for bringing me hop

 Sponsor Matthew or another child today...



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