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Starting in July 2009, Develop Africa has been invited to showcase our projects and raise funds on the UK site -  This provides a unique opportunity for donors in the UK and Europe to support Develop Africa.  

Warm Greetings

Greetings from the Develop Africa Teams in the US and in Africa.
Welcome to Develop Africa's special dual newsletter - Volume 4, Issue 1 and 2 / July 2009. 

This newsletter spans 2 releases, for the end of the first and 2nd quarters of 2009.

Excited Children - At Modern Elementary School

Happy children at Modern Elementary School - Site Visit

Between 2 Worlds...
Sylvester Renner, the President of Develop Africa, returned in May from a field trip to West Africa where he visited schools, businesses and groups in Sierra Leone. He notes in his journal:

"The difference between life in general in the two worlds, the Western world and the developing world struck me afresh on many dimensions including the following:
- the availability of opportunities and resources
- perspective, thinking patterns and mind set
- approach to life and issues
- environment
- certainty (predictability)
... and others.

Certainly there are challenges on the continent (and also everywhere, worldwide - both in the developed and the developing world).  However, relatively-speaking, more than ever before, the case and need exist for people world-wide to partner / unite and do their utmost to narrow the gap between the two worlds.  I rubbed shoulders and talked with many brave, courageous and determined people.  People working hard to build a better future for themselves individually, their families and their nation.  I observed a keener sense and desire for progress and national development, more than ever before. "

The rising Third world is determined more than ever to leave the past behind take its place.  It is making significant strides towards liberty, empowerment and fulfillment.  Viva Africa!  Success to you! 

Together, let's continue to press on, doing our part to encourage, enable and empower.  History is being re-written.  We are the players with the significant opportunity to help shape lives and history. Never doubt that your efforts are making a difference.  As a child, I learned the song:

Little drops of water, little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean and the beauteous land

The cumulative efforts of us all is transforming lives, right now and helping to rebuild Africa, one person at a time.  You are a history maker!

Be sure to read the newsletter in its entirety - especially the section on Microfinance at the very end.  Thanks for your time!

Best wishes as we together make history,

The Develop Africa Team.

Featured Supplies Drives - Individual and Group

The Global Concerns Club at Whitney Gretchen High School collected around 200 pencils. 

"When you think of a pencil, you might think of that cool, new ten-dollar mechanical pencil from Fancy Box that everyone except you seems to have. You think, “Wow, it’s expensive, but who cares? I want it!” It may be true that several people (mostly girls) will have these pencils at school, but, in reality, others are not as fortunate...."
 - Read more about this drive as told by Global Concerns Group

 -See Global Concerns group and drive pictures...

Emerson Elementary School, Indianola, IA - collected and shipped a big box of school supplies.

East Islip High School, Long Island, NY, collected and shipped 6 boxes of school supplies - primarily pencils

Sabrina L., girl scout decided to run a school supplies drive as part of a project towards her Bronze award. A church agreed to let her place details about her drive in the bulletin.  She also collected supplies from local businesses.  She also collected enough donated stamps that she used to mail 5 boxes to school supplies to DA.  Sabrina additionally sent in an envelope with over $70.00 in postage stamps.

The DA team salutes Sabrina and the children and staff at Whitney Gretchen and Emerson Elementary and East Islip schools for a fine job.  Well done!


Field Report - Site Visits - Develop Africa's President - Sierra Leone

Sylvester Renner was warmly received at the partner schools he visited in Freetown.  These schools had previously received books, school supplies and teaching supplies.  Sylvester had the opportunity to make a presentation of 3 laptops to the Eva Houston School. Sylvester was able to observe some of the supplies in use in the classrooms and on the classroom walls.

Sylvester also had the opportunity to meet with and visit the businesses of a number of the beneficiaries of Develop Africa's Microfinance program.  The site visits which were made with Janet Tucker, DA Board Member.  These visits provided an opportunity to verify business progress, provide an on-site assessment of business progress and make appropriate on-the-spot recommendations.   More details about his trip - with a full report - and pictures are available here on DA's website.

Penny Harvest Provides a Grant in Support of School Classrooms

Develop Africa in May received a grant award from the Penny Harvest students of PS/IS 109.  The Philanthropy Roundtable that made the decision and selected Develop Africa to receive this donation is Guap Getters.  The donation was made in support of school classrooms in Africa. 

Every child deserves a hands-on chance to serve and give back. The Penny Harvest takes students on an educational journey of grant making and service that prepares them for a lifetime of involved citizenship and leadership. Penny Harvest was created by Common Cents, an educational, not-for-profit organization, which specializes in creating and managing service-learning programs for young people. Penny Harvest is the largest child philanthropy program in the United States.

Thank you Guap Getters for your support!  We encourage children everywhere to collect their cents and pennies (and larger coins and bills / notes) to support development in Africa.  We welcome your support.

DA is one of the approved organizations on the Penny Harvest / Common Cents website. You can find DA by accessing the Common Cents website - and searching “Develop Africa.”    Read more....

Develop Africa Featured on Universal Synergy Group's Blog:

In recognition of the work that Develop Africa is doing, in April this year, Develop Africa was featured on a blog run by the Universal Synergy Group, LLC.

Kristy Hall, the President of the Group, selected Develop Africa as one of the organizations that would be featured and recognized, giving Develop Africa added exposure. The Universal Synergy Group helps nonprofit organizations and NGOs across the globe accomplish their mission.  Thank you Universal Synergy for the work you are doing and for featuring Develop Africa.See feature on blog...


Yes, You can Donate Items Through eBay (and MissionFish)

Summer time is a great time to clear out your house or apartment and donate or sell stuff you don't need.  Here's a quick tip - how about selling the items on eBay and donating all or a percentage of the proceeds to Develop Africa? 

MissionFish is a partner of eBay and together they provide an easy way for buyers and sellers to support Develop Africa and other favorite nonprofit causes while trading on eBay.  For more information click here.


Office Team Conducts a Book Drive and Also Donates Funds From NCAA Basketball Tournament to Develop Africa

A few months ago, the office team at Neo@Ogilvy organized a successful book drive.  The idea resonated with the team and they decided to take this a step further.  The team recently decided to donate funds from the NCAA basketball tournament pool to Develop Africa - totaling $200.00. 
Thank you team Neo@Ogilvy for helping us make a difference in education in Africa!

Project Spotlight - Microfinance

Our featured project this month is Microfinance - where individuals and small businesses receive training and interest-free micro-credit loans to help them take their businesses to the next level.  Microfinance has proven over the years to be a sure path to empowerment, helping thousands of people break free from poverty. 

Sylvester in his recent visit to Sierra Leone, had the opportunity to visit several of the small businesses that have benefitted from DA's training and financial support.  He met with Seray Kallon who runs a provisions and general merchandise store that is located off Wilkinson road, Freetown. 

Madam Seray Kallon (Right), a mother of three children is currently separated from her husband. She and her children survive through proceeds derived from this micro enterprise, thanks to Develop Africa. Standing next to Seray (in black blouse) is a relative and also dependant of Seray Kallon.

During his trip, Sylvester had the opportunity to meet with many deserving individuals and businesses requesting support of funds ranging from about $200 to $5000. 

If you would like to be a history-maker by helping these individuals become self-supporting, we gladly welcome your involvement that would truly transform their lives. 

You can make a donation online or mail a check to DA.  More information on how to do so is available here.  Thanks for your investment! 

Thanks for reading and for your continued support! We appreciate you.

We encourage you to forward / share this email with your co-workers, friends, family etc.

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